tirsdag 23. mai 2017

LPR treats 600 cancer patients from Kiev-held area in three months

More than 600 cancer patients living in the Kiev-controlled part of the Lugansk region have received medical aid in Lugansk since the Republic launched the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme three months ago, reported the LPR Healthcare Ministry.

According to the Ministry, medical assistance has been provided by the Lugansk Republican Oncology Centre (LRKOD), which is also open to residents of other Ukrainian regions.
“LRKOD hospital provided appointments to 646 citizens living in the Kiev-controlled parts of the Lugansk Region, 23 patients from Ukraine and one patient from Rostov from 17 February through 17 May,” the Ministry said.
“Patients receive the necessary assistance such as emergency treatment (including high-tech laparoscopic surgery, percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage and intraarterial chemotherapy), and anti-cancer drug and X-ray therapy using radio modifiers,” it said.  
As of May 17, the LPR in-patient facilities were providing in-patient treatment to 40 people from Kiev-controlled territories.
DONi News Agency