tirsdag 30. mai 2017

Member of the European Parliament told truth about Donbass at EU-meeting [TV Report]

On May 1st Italian delegation took part in our Trade Unions parade and it was the first time that member of the EU parliament visited us in the Lugansk People's Republic, said Oleg Akimov, the Chairman of the LPR Trade Union in Lugansk24 channel.  

"Eleanora Forenza the Euro Parliament deputy, came here by invitation of the LPR and Trade Unions Federation with her likeminded people. She attended the 1st May demonstration, apart from it during the official meeting with the Head of the Republic (Igor Plotnitsky) a lot of conjoint perspective events were discussed, said Akimov.

During the meeting with Igor Venedictovich Plotnitsky, Eleanora Forenza promised that when she comes back to Italy, she will speak to her colleagues, European Parliament’s deputies, about the possibility of their coming here to Donbass.

"On May 17th the Parliament deputy kept her word and took floor in Strasburg during the European Parliament’s plenary meeting. In her public speech, Eleonora Forenza didn’t just call Poroshenko a fascist, but called on the International society to acknowledge Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics," said Akimov.

DONi News Agency
Video: Lugansk24