mandag 22. mai 2017

Poroshenko escapes from people shouting 'Liar'

A video appeared in the Internet where the Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko leaves the territory of the National Historical and Memorial Reserve "Bykovnyansk graves", under the whistle of people shouting after him: "Shame!", "Liar!".

The Ukrainian leader arrived at the memorial complex in Bykovnya near Kiev to commemorate the Day of Remembrance of Political Repressions Victims, which is celebrated annually on May 21. He also delivered a speech, during which he said that "he feels cannibalistic similarity between the Nazi and Stalin regimes with every cell of his body."

But when Poroshenko was about to leave, several dozens of people who began to ask him questions surrounded him. Citizens asked the Ukrainian leader why "in the poorest state of Europe there is such a rich president." They also demanded from him "to hold back the judges, so that they do not steal." 

Poroshenko did not answer these questions and left the reserve together with his wife.
At that, people shouted after him "Shame!", "Liar" and "Resign!".

DONi News Agency