torsdag 25. mai 2017

Ukrainian troops seize 'grey zone', approach LPR

Kiev forces have seized almost the entire 'grey zone' in the section between Donetsky township and Zhelobok village, approaching the LPR People's Militia positions at a 600 metres' distance, said the former LPR soldier, now the vice-commander of a company of the LPR People's Militia, Senior Lieutenant Roman with the call sign "Rome".

He explained that his company was defending the northern approaches to Donetsk, where the APU had previously occupied several square kilometers of the 'grey zone' in the wooded area.
"Metre by metre they (the AFU) make their way under the cover of shellings. They bring fire with mortars, automatic portable grenade launchers, and move forward while our personnel are in a shelter," stated the serviceman.
"Then, in the night time, they set temporary firing points and begin to shell our positions, of course, everything is done in a hurry, so that, consequently, it is not we who are targeted, but civilians of the township," he added.
"Thus, the 'grey zone' in the area of ​​Donetsky and Zhelobok has actually ceased to exist. In fact, they are 600 meters away from us," said the vice-vommander.
"Rome" explained that the People's Militia, following the Minsk agreements, can not open fire on the advancing enemy, although it has "a free hand to kick the AFU out of the 'gray zone'".
DONi News Agency