torsdag 18. mai 2017

US: Syria Restoring Its Territory Will 'Not Be Accepted'

You thought US needed Syria's permission to set itself up in Syria? You had it wrong. It's actually Syria which requires American permission to retake its territory
Wed, May 17, 2017

As we reported last week the Syrian army is making progress in the southern desert. It is edging eastwards towards the Iraqi border and towards joint US-rebel positions at al-Tanf border crossing.
We asked what happens when these two forces come within shooting distance of each other.
The question is all the more acute now as it has become apparent the US believes Syria requires US permission to restore its territory. As The Telegraph reports:
The US has sent a clear message that any government advance towards their base will not be accepted. However, it is unclear how the special forces will react to any serious provocation. 
You may have thought it would be the US which required government permission to set itself up in al-Tanf, but apparently it's the other way around. It must be that al-Tanf is actually in Arizona or New Mexico. The Telegraph:
Bashar al-Assad’s troops are on a collision course with Western special forces, after advancing towards their training base in eastern Syria over the weekend.
Nope. It's still in Syria. Somebody explain that to the US.