fredag 5. mai 2017

VIDEO: Baby corpses fill the streets of Mosul as US airstrikes hit refugee center (+18 graphic)

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (6:30 P.M.) Fred Johs & Chris TomsonA revolting video emerged from Mosul today reportedly showing the bloody aftermath of American aerial bombs landing on an ISIS-held neighborhood in the northwestern sector of the city.

The Amaq Agency video depicts scores of civilians killed by the US bombardment. Many children and babies are shown dead or severely injured in the distressing footage.

Viewer discretion is advised – the video is highly graphic and may upset even the most battle hardened viewers. Please do not watch if you are under 18 years old:

The incident occurred in the Al-Fateh district where a refugee center purportedly was hit.
Amaq Agency claims over US airstrikes and Iraqi shelling have resulted in over 300 civilian casualties across Mosul in April alone.

On the other hand, Washington and Baghdad accuse ISIS of using the civilian population as human shields. Around 90% of the city has been liberated thus far.

Chris Tomson