torsdag 18. mai 2017

Woman killed, another civilian wounded by Ukrainian forces’ fire

One civilian woman has been killed and another one wounded as Ukrainian forces shelled Krutaya Balka village in the Yasinovataya district on Wednesday night, reported local authorities.

“At 7 p.m. a 62-year-old woman was killed in Krutaya Balka on Shirokaya street; a 34-year-old man was wounded,” said the town administration representative.

The wounded has been taken to Yasinovataya hospital is in critical condition.

Kiev forces fired 18 mortar rounds at the village in two hours, 12 of them were of 122mm caliber.

Ukrainian armed forces have recently intensified shelling of Donetsk neighborhoods, including Yasinovataya.
On Wednesday only, 70 mortar rounds hit the area.
DONi News Agency