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Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart

 Soldiers from NATO countries attend an opening ceremony of military exercise 'Saber Strike 2015', at the Gaiziunu Training Range in Pabrade some 60km.(38 miles) north of the capital Vilnius, Lithuania, Monday, June 8, 2015
© AP Photo/ Mindaugas Kulbis

According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia's Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing the state to the size of the medieval Moscow principality, a veteran of the Russian "illegal" intelligence service said during the Vesti v Subbotu ("News on Saturday") program of Russia's Rossiya 1 broadcaster.
 The program was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Directorate S ("illegal" intelligence service) of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR).

The interview was conducted by Vesti v Subbotu anchor Sergei Brilev. The voice, face and name of the former agent were changed due to security reasons.

"Pavel Andreyevich [the agent's alias] says that the NATO documents obtained by him signaled that the dissolution of the USSR was only the first stage," Brilev noted.

"And then [NATO planned] to create the Russian North-Volga Republic and then the Middle Volga Republic, and reduce the Russian state to the level and size of the Moscow principality," the intelligence veteran specified.

"We have these documents, they are now in the archive of our [Russian intelligence] service," the former agent stressed.

U.S. navy marines take a break during annual recurring multinational, maritime-focused NATO exercise BALTOPS 2017, near Ventspils, Latvia, June 6, 2017
© REUTERS/ Ints Kalnins
U.S. navy marines take a break during annual recurring multinational, maritime-focused NATO exercise BALTOPS 2017, near Ventspils, Latvia, June 6, 2017
The idea of the partition of Russia is not new.

In his book The Grand Chessboard published six years after the collapse of the USSR, a former US national security adviser and geostrategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, insisted that "a more decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization."

"A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would find it easier to cultivate closer economic regulations with Europe, with the new states of Central Asia, and with [East Asia], which would thereby accelerate Russia's own development," the geostrategist claimed.

"Each of the three confederated entities would also be more able to tap local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow's heavy bureaucratic hand," he added.
 Interestingly enough, before Brzezinski, the idea to sever Russia along the Ural Mountains thus dividing it into "European" and "Asian" (Siberia and the Far East) parts, was mulled over by Nazi Germany and its allies.

In December 1941, half a year after Nazi Germany invaded the USSR, the Empire of Japan offered Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to divide Eurasia into two spheres of interest along the 70th meridian east longitude. As observers noted, Hitler didn't plan to seize much of Soviet territory east of the Ural Mountains.

More than a decade before the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan considered the partitioning of Russia, the territory of the former Russian Empire was subjected to Allied intervention — a multinational military expedition launched during the Russian Civil War of 1918 by major European powers which backed the anti-Bolshevik White Guard.

The United States, Canada, Japan and China took part in the intervention campaign along with European powers occupying Russia's northwestern regions, Crimea, Bessarabia, Siberia and the Far East. However, their efforts were thwarted by divided objectives, a lack of domestic support, war-weariness largely caused by World War I and the military successes of the Red Army.

As history shows, each time Russia faced severe domestic and geopolitical challenges it ran the risk of falling prey to the global power game.

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"American Use of Force Against Syria Illegal" - US Congressman

Fort Russ
June 28th, 2017 - Fort Russ News -
- - - translated by Samer Hussein -   
US Congressman and a former Californian State Senator Ted Liu, said the Congress did not authorize the US President Donald Trump to use the military force against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, his army or the Syrian state.
On his Twitter account, Liu also wrote that any type of use of force against Syria, in particular case, is unconstitutional, asserting that Trump did not get an approval from Congress to strike Syria, thus meaning that any use of force against the country is not legal.
On Monday, the White House issued a public statement, accusing the Syrian authorities that they are preparing another attack with chemical weapons somewhere in Syria in the nearby future, threatening that Damascus would “pay a heavy price”, should it ever resort to use that kind of force. 
“The United States sees a possibility of another attack with chemical weapons by the Assad regime, which could lead to a mass killing of the civilian population, including innocent children. The processes observed are similar to those that took place before the chemical attack on the 4th of April 2017”, the statement reads.
The US administration, however, refuses to give any evidence or details for the claims of the alleged “preparations”.
The claims have since been dismissed by both, Syria and Russia as a type of complete blackmail and justification of yet another US aggression against Syria.

Hersh’s New Syria Revelations Buried

Veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, the man who exposed the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War and the US military’s abuses of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib in 2004, is probably the most influential journalist of the modern era, with the possible exception of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the pair who exposed Watergate.

For decades, Hersh has drawn on his extensive contacts within the US security establishment to bring us the story behind the official story, to disclose facts that have often proved deeply discomfiting to those in power and exploded the self-serving, fairy-tale narratives the public were expected to passively accept as news. His stature among journalists was such that, in a sea of corporate media misinformation, he enjoyed a small island of freedom at the elite, but influential, outlet of the New Yorker.

Paradoxically, over the past decade, as social media has created a more democratic platform for information dissemination, the corporate media has grown ever more fearful of a truly independent figure like Hersh. The potential reach of his stories could now be enormously magnified by social media. As a result, he has been increasingly marginalised and his work denigrated. By denying him the credibility of a “respectable” mainstream platform, he can be dismissed for the first time in his career as a crank and charlatan. A purveyor of fake news.

Nonetheless, despite struggling to find an outlet for his recent work, he has continued to scrutinise western foreign policy, this time in relation to Syria. The official western narrative has painted a picture of a psychotic Syrian president, Bashar Assad, who is assumed to be so irrational and self-destructive he intermittently uses chemical weapons against his own people. He does so, not only for no obvious purpose but at moments when such attacks are likely to do his regime untold damage. Notably, two sarin gas attacks have supposedly occurred when Assad was making strong diplomatic or military headway, and when the Islamic extremists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS – his chief opponents – were on the back foot and in desperate need of outside intervention.

Dangerous monsters

Hersh’s investigations have not only undermined evidence-free claims being promoted in the west to destabilise Assad’s goverment but threatened a wider US policy seeking to “remake the Middle East”. His work has challenged a political and corporate media consensus that portrays Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Assad’s main ally against the extremist Islamic forces fighting in Syria, as another dangerous monster the West needs to bring into line.

For all these reasons, Hersh has found himself increasingly friendless. The New Yorker refused to publish his Syria investigations. Instead, he had to cross the Atlantic to find a home at the prestigious but far less prominent London Review of Books.

Back in 2013 his contacts within the security and intelligence establishments revealed that the assumption Assad had ordered the use of sarin gas in Ghouta, outside Damascus, failed to stand up to scrutiny. Even Barack Obama’s national intelligence director, James Clapper, was forced to admit privately that Assad’s guilt was “not a slam dunk”, even as the media widely portrayed it as precisely that. Hersh’s work helped stymie efforts at the time to promote a western military attack to bring down the Syrian government.

His latest investigation questions whether Assad was responsible for another alleged gas attack – this one in April, at Khan Sheikhoun. Again a consensual western narrative was quickly constructed after social media showed dozens of Syrians dead, apparently following a bomb dropped by Syrian aircraft. For the first time in his presidency, Donald Trump received wall-to-wall praise for launching a military strike on Syria in response, even though, as Hersh documents, he had no evidence on which to base such an attack, one that gravely violated international law.

Hersh’s new investigation was paid for by the London Review of Books, which declined to publish it. This is almost disturbing as the events in question.

What is emerging is a media blackout so strong that even the London Review of Books is running scared. Instead, Hersh’s story appeared yesterday in a German publication, Welt am Sonntag. Welt is an award-winning newspaper, no less serious than the New Yorker or the LRB. But significantly Hersh is being forced to publish ever further from the centres of power whose misinformation his investigations are challenging.

Imagine how effective Woodward and Bernstein would have been in bringing down Richard Nixon had they been able to publish their Watergate investigations only in the French media. That is the situation we have reached now with Hersh’s efforts to scrutinise the west’s self-serving claims about Syria.

US-Russian cooperation

As for the substance of Hersh’s investigation, he finds that Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base in April “despite having been warned by the US intelligence community that it had found no evidence that the Syrians had used a chemical weapon.”

In fact, Hersh reveals that, contrary to the popular narrative, the Syrian strike on a jihadist meeting place in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4 was closely coordinated beforehand between Russian and US intelligence agencies. The US were well apprised of what would happen and tracked the events.

Hersh’s sources in the intelligence establishment point out that these close contacts occurred for two reasons. First, there is a process known as “deconfliction”, designed to avoid collisions or accidental encounters between the US, Syrian and Russian militaries, especially in the case of their supersonic jets. The Russians therefore supplied US intelligence with precise details of that day’s attack beforehand. But in this case, the close ties also occurred because the Russians wanted to warn the US to keep away a CIA asset, who had penetrated the jihadist group, from that day’s meeting.

“This was not a chemical weapons strike,” a senior adviser to the US intelligence community told Hersh. “That’s a fairy tale. If so, everyone involved in transferring, loading and arming the weapon … would be wearing Hazmat protective clothing in case of a leak. There would be very little chance of survival without such gear.”

According to US intelligence, Hersh reports, the Syrian air force was able to target the site using a large, conventional bomb supplied by the Russians. But if Assad did not use a chemical warhead, why did many people apparently die at Khan Sheikhoun from inhalation of toxic gas?

The US intelligence community, says Hersh, believes the bomb triggered secondary explosions in a storage depot in the building’s basement that included propane gas, fertilisers, insecticides as well as “rockets, weapons and ammunition, … [and] chlorine-based decontaminants for cleansing the bodies of the dead before burial”. These explosions created a toxic cloud that was trapped close to the ground by the dense early morning air.

Medecins Sans Frontieres found patients it treated “smelled of bleach, suggesting that they had been exposed to chlorine.” Sarin is odourless.

Hersh concludes that the “evidence suggested that there was more than one chemical responsible for the symptoms observed, which would not have been the case if the Syrian Air Force – as opposition activists insisted – had dropped a sarin bomb, which has no percussive or ignition power to trigger secondary explosions. The range of symptoms is, however, consistent with the release of a mixture of chemicals, including chlorine and the organophosphates used in many fertilizers, which can cause neurotoxic effects similar to those of sarin.”

Political suicide

Hersh’s main intelligence source makes an important contextual point you won’t hear anywhere in the corporate media:

“What doesn’t occur to most Americans is if there had been a Syrian nerve gas attack authorized by Bashar [Assad], the Russians would be 10 times as upset as anyone in the West. Russia’s strategy against ISIS, which involves getting American cooperation, would have been destroyed and Bashar would be responsible for pissing off Russia, with unknown consequences for him. Bashar would do that? When he’s on the verge of winning the war? Are you kidding me?”
When US national security officials planning Trump’s “retaliation” asked the CIA what they knew of events in Khan Sheikhoun, according to Hersh’s source, the CIA told them “there was no residual delivery for sarin at Sheyrat [the airfield from which the Syrian bombers had taken off] and Assad had no motive to commit political suicide.”

The source continues:

“No one knew the provenance of the photographs [of the attack’s victims]. We didn’t know who the children were or how they got hurt. Sarin actually is very easy to detect because it penetrates paint, and all one would have to do is get a paint sample. We knew there was a [toxic] cloud and we knew it hurt people. But you cannot jump from there to certainty that Assad had hidden sarin from the UN because he wanted to use it in Khan Sheikhoun.”

Trump, under political pressure and highly emotional by nature, ignored the evidence. Hersh’s source says:

“The president saw the photographs of poisoned little girls and said it was an Assad atrocity. It’s typical of human nature. You jump to the conclusion you want. Intelligence analysts do not argue with a president. They’re not going to tell the president, ‘if you interpret the data this way, I quit’.”
Although Republicans, Democrats and the entire media rallied to Trump’s side for the first time, those speaking to Hersh have apparently done so out of fear of what may happen next time.

The danger with Trump’s “retaliatory” strike, based on zero evidence of a chemical weapons attack, is that it could have killed Russian soldiers and dragged Putin into a highly dangerous confrontation with the US. Also, the intelligence community fears that the media have promoted a false narrative that suggests not only that a sarin attack took place, but paints Russia as a co-conspirator and implies that a UN team did not in fact oversee the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile back in 2013-14. That would allow Assad’s opponents to claim in the future, at a convenient time, yet another unsubstantiated sarin gas attack by the Syrian government.

Hersh concludes with words from his source that should strike fear into us all:

“The issue is, what if there’s another false-flag sarin attack credited to hated Syria? Trump has upped the ante and painted himself into a corner with his decision to bomb. And do not think these guys [Islamist groups] are not planning the next faked attack. Trump will have no choice but to bomb again, and harder. He’s incapable of saying he made a mistake.”

Four questions

Hersh’s investigation contributes to a more complex and confusing picture of events in Khan Sheikhoun. In the absence of an independent investigation, there is still no decisive physical evidence to confirm what happened. That makes context and probability important factors for observers to weigh.

So let us set aside for a moment the specifics of what happened on April 4 and concentrate instead on what Hersh’s critics must concede if they are to argue that Assad used sarin gas against the people of Khan Sheikhoun.

1. That Assad is so crazed and self-destructive – or at the very least so totally incapable of controlling his senior commanders, who must themselves be crazed and self-destructive – that he has on several occasions ordered the use of chemical weapons against civilians. And he has chosen to do it at the worst possible moments for his own and his regime’s survival, and when such attacks were entirely unnecessary.

2. That Putin is equally deranged and so willing to risk an end-of-times conflagration with the US that he has on more than one occasion either sanctioned or turned a blind eye to the use of sarin by Assad’s regime. And he has done nothing to penalise Assad afterwards, when things went wrong.

3. That Hersh has decided to jettison all the investigatory skills he has amassed over many decades as a journalist to accept at face value any unsubstantiated rumours his long-established contacts in the security services have thrown his way. And he has done so without regard to the damage that will do to his reputation and his journalistic legacy.

4. That a significant number of US intelligence officials, those Hersh has known and worked with over a long period of time, have decided recently to spin an elaborate web of lies no one wants to print, either in the hope of damaging Hersh in some collective act of revenge against him, or in the hope of permanently discrediting their own intelligence services.

Hersh’s critics do not simply have to believe one of these four points. They must maintain the absolute veracity of all four of them.

Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is

Why the West Will Not and Cannot Let Syria Live in Peace

by Marcus Godwyn, Moscow, 27-06-2017
For all those who have become awake and conscious or have escaped the Western media pit of lies and brainwashing, the six-year-long resistance of the Syrian people in the face of the Anglo-Zionist empire and its terrorist proxy troops ISIS, Al Qaeda et al has been a deeply tragic but historically heroic inspiration.  They survived four years almost totally alone until Russia entered to fight the US, EU, and Israeli proxy terrorist fighters that were gaining ground on government held territory in Syria. The Russian campaign has been exemplary, resulting in at the time of writing in a total reversal for the Anglo-Zionists. Many are rightly praising the Heroic Syrian Arab army and its Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies. 

I have been saying all along, however, that this optimism is misplaced as the forces that actually run the Western world simply cannot let Syria rise from the ashes.  A re-built Syria which controls its own central bank and can issue its own currency as it needs, with no outside control and no debt to the International Monetary Fund or anyone else, (the most fundamental and essential of freedoms that most western countries have not experienced for at least a hundred years) and which, because of this, is able to offer its citizens, even during the war, free education and higher education, health care and extremely low or non-existent utility charges is totally anathema to the real leaders of the Western world. The fact that different branches of Islam and, above all, the fact that the many Orthodox Christians in Syria live in peace with each other burns the Western, fractional reserve, debt enslaving banking elites as holy water burns a vampire.

The neo-cons, i.e. the people who actually run the Anglo-Zionist empire, are hell bent on total world domination and they are achieving this through control of every country’s central bank, the freedom sovereign states have to issue their own currency as they need, and through a ruthless war on culture, facilitated by the ever increasing rate at which education is dumbed down with the help of mainstream media.  In just thirty years, they have succeeded in turning the average Westerner into a zombie whose understanding of the world is completely founded on lies and often total reality-inversions and whose powers of thought and objective reasoning, as well as a sense of any meaningful self and a place in history, have been reduced to almost zero. 

A resurgent Syria will be a shining example to the whole world of what life can be like without the neo-con iron grip on the money supply, education system, media, sports, art and all the rest. A resurgent, whole Syria will be a block to the much touted “Greater Israel” and to the western plans for gas pipes from Qatar to Europe (whatever may or may not be happening with Qatar right now).  Last but definitely not the least is the fact that Syria’s survival will be a massive spanner in the works of their ultimate goal of subduing, conquering and dismembering Russia, which is of course the number one reason why Russia came to Syria’s aid in the first place!  That is why they will not and from their point of view, cannot, allow it allow Syria to survive!

At the time of writing (7 pm Moscow time) seemingly coordinated reports are coming in from the US, UK, France that another chemical attack on the Syrian people and “innocent little children” by its own government and its president is being prepared and is due any minute; and that the West will make President Assad and his military “pay a very heavy price” “when or maybe even before it occurs” (in a preemptive strike, then).

Now all sane and informed people in the world know that the government of Syria has never used chemical weapons on anybody and never will.  We know that this was only ever Western lies to help domestic public opinion accept yet another Western destruction of free humanity and culture as it did with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now Syria, thus bringing them them ever closer to their goal of absolute domination of the entire world.  What we are seeing here is yet another attempt to use the same tired old lie to justify a Western regime change action followed by the destruction of a secular, civilised Syria.

Were a major Western, Israeli attack on Syria to take place, it would put Russia in an agonisingly difficult position, which is precisely why some of the hotter heads in the Western elite may just decide to risk it.

The Russian government and people absolutely do not want war and Russia has repeatedly shown a very “Zen” ability to dissolve all the aggressive provocations the West has thus far thrown at her in Ukraine as in Syria.  One does not have to be a military or geopolitical expert to see that if Russia resists militarily, this could risk escalating very fast all the way to World War III. This is something that Russia wants to avoid at nearly all cost.  Were the situation to become an existential threat to it, that would be another matter, and as many have already commentated, the Russians are informed and ready, which cannot be said in any way of Western populations.

The Russian campaign in Syria has resulted in a very low casualty count so far but a very high profile one.  All deaths of male and female Russian service personnel in Syria (except secret agents, we may presume) have been publicized on mainstream media. All are felt as a great loss, but some were especially moving.  The young reconnaissance soldier who, finding himself hopelessly surrounded by ISIS fighters, called down a missile strike on himself to avoid being captured and to make sure the terrorists were all killed, is one such case. The pilot who was shot down by a Turkish fighter and then machine gunned by Western-backed terrorists as he parachuted to earth hanging helplessly in the air was another. All of Russia saw his legs kicking out as the bullets entered him. It would be very hard, maybe even impossible, for Russian public opinion to accept that all that heroism and sacrifice was for nothing and  that Russia must just let the West and Israel overthrow the legitimate government, hand the country over to the Islamist terrorists and their masters, and return home with her tail between her legs to start to re-enforce the Russian borders.

The Russian government has always said that it is in Syria to defeat the terrorists rather than to “prop up” — as the Western media likes to say– the Assad government.  Recent polls say that if there was an election in Syria tomorrow, Assad would get close to ninety percent, and the fact on the ground is that if he goes, the terrorists will win.  A fact that is perfectly understood in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv as it is in Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. If that happens, next step, Iran!

If the West goes for an all-out regime-change attack in Syria and should Russia decide that its long term interests are best served by retreating, that could be more destabilizing for Russia’s internal unity than anything the West has thrown at her so far.  The West’s use of so called “liberals” and “Clinton, Soros worshiping and funded dissidents” to effect regime change in Russia has spectacularly failed.  However, if there is any undercurrent of doubt in the leadership of Vladimir Putin in the country, it is among those who feel frustrated by his “Zen” way of dealing with the West and who would like to see a much more full-on, robust countering of Western aggression around her borders and protection of Russia’s interests worldwide.  

These people would find it impossible to stomach a Russian retreat from Syria and internal tensions would certainly rise more than they have done to date.  I would certainly not envy President Putin, his ministers and advisers given such a choice.  True, a firm, decisive rebuttal of Western aggression might cause the West to back down as it is in much more disarray than Russia, or Syria itself for that matter. On the other hand, it might not and then what?

Let us pray that such a decision will not have to be taken.  That the few remaining non neo-con people in the Pentagon and the US administration manage to thwart this ridiculous false flag creation, or that,as Alexander Mercouris has noted, that it looks like a heavy-handed attempt to distract public attention from Seymour Hersh’s devastating article exposing the last chemical attack false flag as a total lie!

The next few hours and days will be crucial! Mikhail Orlov recently wrote, and I’m paraphrasing him as I can’t find the original:
“The neo-con desire for world domination has zombified them to such an extent that they cannot stop on this path.  Until someone shoots them in the head, they will continue moving forward!”


In pictures: Syrian Army confiscates Israeli armaments left behind by rebels in Homs

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:20 A.M.) – Weapons produced in the Jewish nation were seized by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the city of Homs on Wednesday after security forces discovered secret ammunition stockpiles across the former rebel stronghold of Al-Waer, an outer suburb located on the northwestern perimeter of the provincial capital.

According to photos obtained by Al-Masdar News, the SAA captured dozens of anti-tanks missiles along with tons of ammunition and explosives which had been abandoned by evacuated Islamist insurgents. Some of the weapons bore Israeli inscriptions, an indication that Tel Aviv may have smuggled armaments to opposition forces in Homs.

Close-up pictures of the newly captured Israeli weapons:
Chris Tomson | AMN
Late last month, the last batch of rebel militants departed the Al-Waer neighborhood for Idlib, thus restoring all of Homs city under government control for the first time since 2011.

Syria and Israel still remain at a state of war following three major wars in the 20th century. Over the past week alone, the Israeli Air Force has conducted three separate raids on the SAA in the Golan Heights.

onsdag 28. juni 2017

BREAKING: Sergey Lavrov promises “proportional” response to US aggression against Syria

Lavrov compared a US assault on Syria to an assault on Russian dignity.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has just wrapped up a press conference with German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel.

When asked about Russia’s response to aggressive statements form the US saying that Syria is planning to use chemical weapons and that the US intends to respond with heavy military retribution to an event which has not happened and objectively could not happen, Lavrov responded in the following way,
“We will react with dignity, proportionally to the real situation that may develop”.
The clear implication here is that Russia takes any US act of aggression on Syria as an affront to Russian dignity and will respond in turn using what would ostensibly be proportional military measures.

While Lavrov’s wording wasn’t as elaborate as that of his second in command Gennady Gatilov, Lavrov’s meaning is clear from his firm however diplomatic language.

This is the most thorough and stern Russian response to an American threat against Syria to-date.

Putin points to growing activities of foreign secret services against Russia

According to the Russian president, "they use new methods of collecting and spreading information"

© Alexei Druzhinin/Russian presidential press service/TASS

MOSCOW, June 28. /TASS/. Foreign secret services have been stepping up their activities against Russia and its allies, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while visiting the headquarters of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).
"Generally, the growing activities of foreign secret services against Russia and our allies are obvious," Putin said congratulating SVR officers on the 95th anniversary of the Russian clandestine intelligence service.

According to Putin, "they use new methods of collecting and spreading information, carry out cyber attacks, try to recruit agents to gain access to the information concerning Russia’s defense capabilities, economic potential and resources," the president added.

A number of foreign spy services provide immediate support to extremist and terrorist groupings in order to destabilize the regions adjoining the Russian border, according to Putin.

"You know perfectly the kind of challenges Russia has to grapple with," he said at the meeting.
"You also know they (foreign spy services) use terrorist and extremist groupings as instruments," Putin said. "Some of the grouping get direct assistance from the intelligences agencies of a number of countries."

Putin also said intelligence services from abroad were seeking to affect social processes in Russia.
"They're conducting operations to wield impact on the internal political and social processes in this country," has said at a meeting at the headquarters of Russia's External Intelligence Service where he had come to congratulate the officers on the 95th anniversary since the foundation of illegal intelligence.

Russia to boost intelligence service’s capacity

The good results achieved by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service provide an important guarantee of the country’s sovereignty, Putin said.

"We will continue to boost the capacity of the intelligence service, provide it with new technical means, encourage experienced professionals and train new personnel," Putin said congratulating SVR officers on the 95th anniversary of the Russian clandestine intelligence service.

According to Putin, the good results achieved by the national secret services, and the SVR in particular, provide an important guarantee of "Russia’s sovereign development, security and stability."

Erna Solberg anmeldt til politiet for høyforræderi og landssvik 

Statsminister Erna Solberg anmeldes til politiet for å ha tillatt terrororganisasjonen islam å virke i Norge og det kreves at hun som landets øverste politiske leder settes under tiltale ved Oslo Tingrett for overtredelse av:

Straffeloven § 111 første ledd

for ved bruk av makt, trusler eller annen rettstridig måte volder fare for at Norge eller del av Norge

b) blir underlagt en fremmed stats herredømme

d) påføres vesentlige begrensinger i sin selvbestemmelsesrett

Strafferamme 15 års fengsel

Straffeloven § 112 første ledd

for ved grov krenkelse av Norges selvstendighet og fred

a) den har hatt særlig alvorlig virkning for Norge

b) under utnyttelse av frykt for inngrep av fremmede stat, eller ved trussel om dette

c) gjerningspersonen er et medlem av regjeringen – eller tilhører landets øverste sivile eller militære

d) handlingen har medført tap eller fare for tap av menneskeliv
Strafferamme 21 års fengsel

Straffeloven § 113

for ved bruk av makt, trusler eller på annen rettstridig måte volder fare for at Norges statsforvaltning forandres.

Strafferamme 15 års fengsel

Straffeloven § 83

for ved at ”retsstridig søger at bevirke eller medvirke til, at Norge eller nogen Del af Riget bringes under fremmed Herredømme eller indlemmes i anden Stat, eller at nogen Del af Riget løsrives
Strafferamme 21 års fengsel

Straffeloven § 86

4) ved og ”forleder til troløshet, driver propagandavirksomhet for fienden eller utbrer uriktige eller
villedende opplysninger som er egnet til å svekke folkets motstandsvilje

5) ved og ”yter økonomisk støtte av betydning til parti eller organisasjon som virker til fordel for fienden

8) ved og ”deltar på utilbørlig måte i fiendens administrasjon

9) ved og ”deltar på utilbørlig måte i ervervsvirksomhet for fienden

10) ved og ”på annen måte rettstridig yter fienden bistand mot Norge eller svekke Norges

Strafferamme 21 års fengsel (Etter straffelovens §86,b annet ledd)

Andre lovbrudd:

Erna Solberg som statsminister og landets øverste politiske leder, har medvirket til brudd på sikkerhetsloven §1, §3 punkt 5. ved å tillate Islam å drive illegal virksomhet i Norge. Dette er i strid med overstående lovverk.

I tillegg har Erna Solberg ansvarlig for at regjeringen har utført grove brudd på grunnloven § 1, §2, §16, §25, §49, §85, §86 a. §89, §104 a.b.


Erna Solberg har:

1 tillatt den ulovlige terror-organisasjonen Islam å etablere seg i Norge.

2 støtter denne organisasjonen økonomisk.

3 samarbeider med okkupasjonsmakten Islam om å omgjøre Norges demokrati til en Islams stat med
sharia lover.

Definisjonen av Islam
(Se vedlegg 4)

Det legges ned følgende påstand:

Det tas ut tiltalebeslutning mot Erna Solberg.
Tiltalen fremsettes med krav om 21 år fengsel

Føringer i siktelsen:

Påtalemyndigheten skal i tillegg til straffeutmålingen, inneholde krav om at det skal avholdes folkeavstemning om terror-organisasjonen Islam skal tillates i Norge.

Tidsfristen for gjennomføring av en slik folkeavstemning settes innen 6 mnd. etter rettskjennelsen er forkynt av Oslo Tingrett.
Siktelsen skal fremsettes innen 01.08.2017.
Norges Folkedomstol 20. april 2017.
Jan Skoland

Terror-organisasjonen Islam

Islam er en internasjonal terror-organisasjon som opererer ulovlig i Norge ifølge Norges lover, og er som følgende:

1. Koranen lærer en vranglære og er en ulovelig avgudsdyrkelse i henhold til grunnlovens § 16.

2. Koranen er en ulovlig arabisk politisk lovbok, som er i strid med hele Norges grunnlov.

3. Islam driver alle moskeene i Norge, hvor denne lære formidles ulovlig.

4. Koranen er i strid med Grunnloven, fordi den vil fjerne Norges grunnlov i sin helhet og innføre de arabiske sharia-lovene.

5. Islam vil på den måten styrte ned det norske demokratiet og krever at Norge skal styres av et prestedømme som skal styres fra fyrstedømmet Saudi-Arabia.

6. Den internasjonale organisasjonen islam driver alle moskeene i Norge og innsetter imamer som sine agenter og moskè ledere. Disse fungerer også som politi og militære ledere.

7. Imamene er utdannet til å hjernevaske muslimene til blindt å følge imamens ordre og pålegg.

8. Saudi-Arabia finansierer i all hovedsak sunnimuslimene, og Iran finansierer sjiamuslimene i Norge. Imamene er underlagt og styres fra disse arabiske statene.

9. Islam er en arabisk internasjonal krigs og terrororganisasjon som har til hensikt å skaffe seg verdensherredømme. (Erobret 57 land til dags dato).

10. Islam sender sine soldater kamuflert som flyktninger til de landene som de ønsker å okkupere, og på denne måten snik-invaderer Norge.

11. Islam bruker betegnelsen ”religion” som kamuflasje for å skjule sitt illegale arbeid i Norge.

12. Islam er en kriminell organisasjon som adlyder ordre og er styrt fra utenlandske makter og er derved i strid med grunnlovens § 25.

13. Islam har til hensikt å komme i flertall i landet og tilegne seg makten på demokratisk vis, for deretter å gjøre statskupp. Dette er i strid med grunnlovens § 1 og § 2.

14. Ifølge grunnlovens § 25, kreves det at en slik utenlandsk kontrollert makt, skal vær godkjent i stortinget for å kunne operere lovlig innenfor Norges grenser.

15. Norge har ikke vedtatt et slikt stortingsvedtak, og islam er derfor en forbudt aktivitet i Norge.

16. I tillegg er Islam i strid med straffeloven § 83 og § 104, sabotasje, mytteri, ulovlig formål osv.

17. Norge må derfor erklære Islam som en terror-organisasjon og bidra til at Islam settes opp på den internasjonale terrorlisten.

18. Alle politikerne på stortinget bryter sine forpliktelser overfor grunnloven, ved å tillate organisasjonen Islam å utvikle seg innenfor Norges grenser.

19. Alle politikerne på stortinget samarbeider med den fremmede makt Islam, om å legge forholdene til rette for at Islam kan okkupere, gjøre statskupp, og omgjøre Norge til et Islamsk diktatur. På denne måten driver politikerne et” bakholdsangrep” og ”dolker” det norske folket i ryggen, og disse skal dømmes etter straffeloven § 83 (21 års fengsel).

20. Derfor skulle alle stortingspolitikerne vært fremstilt for riksrett etter grunnloven § 86.

21. Siden det er stortinget selv som skal kreve iverksettelse av riksrett, bryter politikerne også her sine konstituelle plikter ved å ikke iverksette riksrett.

22. Alle politikere på stortinget i dag, har ved sitt svik mot grunnloven, landet og folket, gitt seg selv status som landssvikere og høyforrædere. Vår tids nye ”Rinnanbanden”.

23. Straffen for politikere som begår høyforræderi, kan bli dødsdom i et kommende landssviker-oppgjør.

Dette arbeider Islam med over hele verden:

Økonomisk støtte til den Islamske internasjonale organisasjonen som driver global:

krigføring, folkemord, terrorangrep, gisseltaking, pengeutpressing, halshugging av gisler som ikke kan betale løsepenger, skyting av tilfeldige sivile, trusler mot folk og politikere, utsteder drapsordre i andre land, smugler våpen til sine ”flyktninger” som er kommet inn i et land.

De dreper jøder, kristne og alle andre ”vantro” når det passer dem, og sprer løgn i media om hva som er Islamsk hensikt og målsetting, Infiltrerer skoler og universiteter verden over med løgn og hat.
Islam kan ikke overleve av seg selv. Den må operere som en kreftsvulst og parasitt i andre land for å kunne overleve.

Erna Solberg som landsforræder:

Norge sitter med en Regjeringen som ikke vil kaste ut denne terror-organisasjonen av vårt land, og vil at denne djevelskapen skal overta styringen av vårt land i fremtiden.

Koranen forbyr en ”fredlig sameksistens” mellom muslimer og ”De vantro”.

På tross av dette går Erna Solberg frem i media og forsikret de norske folk om at hun som den første og eneste leder i verden, skal få til en ”fredlig sameksistens” med Islam i Norge.

På denne måten forfører Erna Solberg det norske folk og gjør seg selv til en høyforræder og landssviker, slik Henry Rinnan og hans bande svek Norge under nazi okkupasjonen i 1940 – 1945.

Fare for indre nasjonal konflikt:

For å unngå at det norske folk drives mot større forrakt, splittelse og konflikt mot våre politikere, må det gjeninnføres ”lov og rett” overfor våre folkevalgte politikere.

Norske politikere tåler ikke et fnugg av lovbrudd fra det norske folk, og derfor kreves det at politikerne også skal følge Norges lover.

Derfor pålegges politi- og påtalemyndighetene i kraft av grunnlovens § 49 første ledd ”Folket utøver den lovgivende makt”, blir gjeldende når stortinget og regjeringen på en særdeles krenkende måte bryter straffelover og grunnloven ved å tillate Islam i Norge, og gjør seg skyldig i høyforræderi mot Norges konstitusjon og straffelover.

Stortinget og regjeringen har på denne måten inngått et ulovlig samarbeid med okkupasjonsmaketen Islam.

Dette sviket mot det norske folk er 100 ganger verre enn det Henry Rinnan og hans bande ledet under forrige nazi okkupasjon fra 1940 til 1945. Dette fordi han ikke satt i en posisjon som landets øverste leder, slik regjeringen gjør i dag.

Derfor blir konsekvensene av regjeringens lovbrudd et gigantisk landssvik både mot landet og det norske folk.

Uavhengig av begrunnelse tillates det ikke at politiet henlegger denne saken. Dersom denne saken henlegges, vil politiet miste all troverdighet og gjøre seg selv til fiende av folket som samarbeider med okkupasjonsmakten.

Politiet vil da få et rykte om at norsk politi er farlige for det norske folk, fordi man da er politisk korrupt og at politiet samarbeider med den nye ”Rinnanbanden” som sitter i dagens Storting og Regjering.

Håper ikke at politiet henleger denne saken og på den måten stadfester at man har samme holdninger i dag som da politiet sto på Karl Johans gate i Oslo 9. april 1940 og ønsket nazistene velkommen til landet som en okkupasjonsmakt.

Ved en henleggelse av denne saken, vil det bli stadfestet at politiet i praksis gir politikerne en ulovelig juridisk immunitet, og at det er ønskelig at Norge skal gå i retning av mer lovløse og voldelige tilstander.

Dersom denne saken henlegges vil det bli opprettet en folkevalgt domstol som er i tråd med grunnlovens § 49.

Da vil det norske folk ved denne folkedomstolen, bli gitt en lovlig rett til, med våpen i hånd, å kjempe mot okkupasjonsmakten og vinne over den, og bringe Norge tilbake til lov og rett ifølge grunnlovens § 1 og 2, osv.

Ved henleggelse av denne saken vil følgende statlige og private aktører bli å regne som en del av okkupasjonsmakten:
1 Islam
2 Alle Stortingets og regjeringens medlemmer
3 Politi og påtalemyndighet
4 Norges rettsvesen
5 NRK og TV2
6 Norsk presse og alle nettavisene
7 Andre politikere og aktører som har sympatisert og samarbeidet med okkupasjonsmakten

Bomb parts, AK-74 & ammo seized as 2 terrorist suspects ‘neutralized’ in Russia – FSB (VIDEO)

Bomb parts, AK-74 & ammo seized as 2 terrorist suspects ‘neutralized’ in Russia – FSB (VIDEO)
Two men who sympathized with international terrorist groups and planned attacks in Russia have been “neutralized” during a standoff with security forces, the Federal Security Service (FSB) said. Bomb parts as well as an AK-47 assault rifle with ammo were seized. 
The special operation took place in Vladimir Region, some 190km from Moscow, the FSB said in a statement.

The agency’s officers “neutralized” two citizens from the Central Asian region, born in 1991 and 1987, as “a result of a standoff during an attempted arrest,” the press release noted. Both men showed “active armed resistance,” the FSB stressed.

“Those persons were in contact with recruiters from international terrorist organizations, showed interest in the technology of producing improvised explosive devices, and expressed their readiness to commit terrorist attacks on the territory of Russia,” the statement further reads.

During their search, officers seized components of improvised explosive devices, a Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifle, a PM handgun and ammunition.

The FSB later released a video showing the suspects and the components of the explosive devices.
An investigation was immediately launched into the case.
On April 3, an improvised bomb went off in a subway train carriage of the St. Petersburg Metro. Fourteen people were killed and dozens injured in the blast.

Another explosive device disguised as a fire extinguisher was defused by a bomb squad at another station.

The suspect was later identified as 22-year-old Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a Russian citizen of Kyrgyz origin. Russia’s State Investigative Committee is treating the incident as a terrorist attack. It is also still unclear whether Dzhalilov set off the bomb or it was set off remotely.

Later in April, eight people were detained on suspicion of being involved in the St. Petersburg attack, the Russian Investigative Committee said. Six were arrested in St. Petersburg and two others in Moscow.

A police raid on the detained suspects’ apartments found firearms, ammunition, and an improvised explosive device similar to the one found in the St. Petersburg Metro.

On Monday, the FSB detained a person suspected of being one of the organizers of the bombing. The man, identified as Abror Azimov, was detained near Moscow. However, he denied any direct implication in the attack, saying he merely carried out an order but did not realize it was part of a terrorist plan.

Ukrainian army violates ceasefire 21 times over 24 hours – DPR Operations Command

Donetsk, June 28 – DAN. Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 21 times over the past 24 hours, DPR Operations Command said.

“Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 21 times firing at 13 DPR townships areas,” a DPR Operations Command representative said.

The enemy used mortars, infantry fighting vehicle cannons, armored personnel carriers, grenade launchers and small arms.

Townships administrations reported no shelling.

“The night was calm,” Petrovskiy district (Donetsk) administration head Maksim Zhukovskiy told DAN.

A “harvest ceasefire” aimed at facilitating the harvesting in Donbass came into force on June 24, as it had been agreed by the Contact Group members in Minsk. It was expected to last till August 31. *ot

George Soros Accused of Trying to Oust Equatorial Guinea’s Government

 Hungarian-born US chairman of the Soros Fund Management, George Soros

British mercenary Simon Mann, the leader of the failed attempt by British financiers to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea in 2004, accused billionaire investor George Soros of participating in a separate plot to overthrow the very same government years later.

Mann made the claim during testimony on behalf of Teodoro "Teodorin" Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of authoritarian president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and the African nation's vice president. Under oath, he stated that Soros plotted to overthrow Mbasogo and that Mann warned the dictator about the plot in 2011.

Mann added that he had no proof of his claims, saying "I don't have written evidence." Soros has yet to respond to the allegations. 

The 65-year-old mercenary also accused others of being involved in the new plot, including anti-corruption NGO Transparency International lawyer William Bourdon, exiled Equatorial Guinean opposition leader Severo Moto and Lebanese oil magnate Ely Calil. 

"I explained to the president [Teodoro] it could be by any means," he told the court. "They were looking at all options, including legal."

Mann, who founded the private military company Sandline International, was arrested in 2004 by Zimbabwean authorities. He was accused of being part of a plot to stage a coup d'etat against Mbasogo in 2004, which was funded by financiers such as Calil as well as Moto.

The former British special forces operator served four years in Zimbabwean prison before being sentenced to 34 years in prison in Equatorial Guinean for his participation in the plot, but only served one year before UK and US authorities successfully negotiated his pardon in 2009.

He seems to have had a change of heart regarding Mbasogo's presidency, calling the charges against Vice President Teodorin a conspiracy.

"Here is a criminal case setting out to go for a guy when in fact the motive is to destabilize and overthrow a recognized and legitimate regime," he said.

"I know that because Severo Moto Nsa and Ely Calil were the two people who hired me to lead the 2004 attempted coup d'etat against the regime."

Teodorin is standing trial before the International Court of Justice under charges of embezzlement and corruption, with a complaint that he used his former position as minister of agriculture and forestry to embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars, which he then used to fund a flash lifestyle of jets, yachts and luxury cars. 

Specifically, he is being accused of using $112 million in state money to buy a six-story mansion in Paris as well as a fleet of Italian supercars.

Bourdon, meanwhile, is representing the French plaintiffs suing Teodorin. He said that in making his accusations, Mann has engaged in "conduct which had plumbed the depths of filth." 
Teodorin has denied all charges.

Soros, one of the richest men in the world, whose money has funded causes from Black Lives Matter to the Women's March on Washington, is at the center of innumerable theories, most of which accuse him of trying to undermine the United States and the West and drive them into oblivion or tyranny. He is accused of undermining entire nations' economies with currency speculation, and worse.

Soros's unsettling public persona hasn't helped him. During a 1998 interview on CBS' 60 Minutes, Soros discussed his upbringing in Hungary. He was 14 years old when Nazi Germany occupied Hungary and began to persecute Hungarian Jews. Soros and his family survived by posing as Christians, with Soros himself posing as the Christian godson of a Hungarian official.

Interviewer Steve Kroft asked Soros about the confiscation of Jewish property during the Holocaust, and Soros claimed that he accompanied and aided his "protector" in seizing Jewish property. 

"That sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years," said Kroft. "Was it difficult?"

"Not at all," said Soros. "Maybe as a child, you don't see the connection. But it created no problem at all."
"No feeling of guilt?" Kroft asked.

"No… I was only a spectator. I had no role in taking away that property, so I had no sense of guilt," Soros replied.

US Air Force General: "ISIS Is a Sideshow", the Real Fight Comes After

The US general says a "state-on-state" fight is coming
Who is Gen. Corcoran talking about?
 RI Staff
Brigadier General Charles Corcoran of the US Air Force is fighting ISIS, but he also believes that fight is a "sideshow" to the real "state-on-state" fight which will start once ISIS "goes away". spoke to Corcoran in his HQ in the United Arab Emirates; the most interesting part of the report reads:
During an interview in his office, Corcoran underscored, "We're here to fight ISIS," but he also pointed to a map of Syria and Iraq to outline areas as "red," or controlled by the Islamic State.
"It's pretty clear that at some point the 'red' is going to go away," he said, "and we're going to have state-on-state" forces fighting. "ISIS is a sideshow ... but what happens when the [other] two meet? Strategically, when ISIS goes away, that's the real issue."

Let's hope Corcoran is rambling here rather than speaking about actual US plans. The US Air Force is—along with the special forces—traditionally the most war-crazed of all the branches of the Pentagon. 
 There are very few wars the air force has ever seen and not liked. USAF generals—chiefly Corcoran's boss, Lt. General Jeffrey L. Harrigan—also very likely deliberately sabotaged the Kerry-Lavrov ceasefire deal in September 2016 by staging an attack on Syrian troops in the encircled eastern city of Deir ez-Zor and killing some 100 of them.

Corcoran tells that when US fighters shot down the Syrian Su-22 and two Iranian-supplied drone, in each of the three incidents the decision to take the shot was made by pilots in the air:
In each of the shoot-downs, which involved aircraft from other locations, the U.S. pilots made the call to shoot within the parameters of the rules of engagement, Corcoran said. In all three cases, "defenseless aircraft" such as tankers and airlift planes left the airspace because of the uncertainty of what the Syrians or Russians would do next, he said.
This if anything, means that US Air Force and Navy have prescribed very permissive rules of engagement for Syria.

Corcoran commands the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing which handles reconnaissance, air control and refueling operations for USAF forces devoted to US operations in Syria and Iraq.