mandag 5. juni 2017

LPR People's Militia repulses attack by Ukrainian squad

The LPR People's Militia has repulsed an attack by Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage squad, reported the LPR People's Militia spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.
"Ukrainian armed forces continue reconnaissance and sabotage activities along the contact line. One of such raids ended up tragically outside Kalinovka."
"Unprofessional and ill-considered actions led to 10 enemy soldiers approaching our positions; the People's Militia reacted immediately and suppressed the squad with retaliatory fire."
"Enemy's losses amounted to two killed and six wounded, who were left on the battlefield. The unit's command tried to conceal this episode from its superiour command."
"We urge the 'ATO' command to show good will, to stick to international humanitarian norms, and to permit volunteers to take away the bodies and pass them to their families."
DONi News Agency