søndag 18. juni 2017

Minsk negotiations to break deadlock should Ukraine be denazified – LPR Head

The Minsk negotiating process will break the current stalemate in case of Ukraine’s denazification only, the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky stated today, on June 16, in Lugansk at the round table "Ecocide in Ukraine – a death threat to the world community."
"One catastrophe is enough. I mean the revival of Nazism and Banderovism. And I have said already that the Minsk problems could be solved, in my opinion, only after the denationalization of Ukraine is held," he said.
"And Merkel and Germany should rightfully pay for this process. They already have such an experience as well as the world. And then time will come for the Minsk process to break the deadlock, when there appear those capable of forcing Kiev into observing the signed agreements," said Plotnitsky.
DONi News Agency