fredag 2. juni 2017

Nazi billboards installed on Crimean border

Ukrainian Nazi billboards appeared on a causeway out of the Crimea in the Kherson region. Fighters involved in the so-called blockade of the peninsula initiated their installation. Posters are addressed to drivers traveling to the mainland from the Crimea.

Four billboards are divided into two parts. One of them contains a welcome address in Ukrainian to the remaining supporters of Ukraine in the Crimea. They are encouraged to issue their Ukrainian biometric passports and travel without visas to Europe.

The other part of the billboard in Russian is addressed to most residents of the peninsula, whom the authors call "traitors and collaborators." "Why have you come? To get the Ukrainian passport? Want to go to Europe? Aren't you interested in the Golden Ring tours any more? Stay at home and wait for stones from the sky," warn the Ukrainian Nazis.
DONi News Agency