mandag 12. juni 2017

Savchenko: Schools should educate ATO-jugend

Minor Ukrainians must be educated as future soldiers and should receive a military specialty by the end of schooling for them to be ready to take up arms any moment, stated a Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko.
"The Ukrainian army service must begin for children at six years of age and no one should be afraid of this. If we recall the Cossack times, it started then once the boy learned how to ride.
The Ukrainian army should be for both boys and girls. It should be started with studying history at school, it must include the geography of the region, Ukraine, and give an opportunity to realize how nature may help.
Then there must be medicine. It can be used in real life, even in a car accident, whatever happens one will know how to save life. Gradually, by the graduation time, every child, boy or girl, gets a military specialty. An accessible one.
A pilot or a submariner cannot be prepared at school. But one can be trained up to a mortar gunner’s level," said Savchenko.
DONi News Agency