mandag 5. juni 2017

Ukraine enters top five states with lowest level of media credibility

As the survey showed, the situation with freedom of speech in Ukraine is close to that of African countries. 
The American Center for the Study of Public Opinion conducted a study of the level of trust in the media in 131 countries, according to which it was found that only 29% of Ukrainians consider the local press free and independent. 

The highest level of distrust in the media was demonstrated by the residents of Mauritania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Southern Sudan, and Ukraine shared the fourth place with Gabon. 

Slightly better results were shown by Belarus and Moldova, where 32% and 35% of respondents respectively trust the information provided by journalists. The American Center did not include Russia in the list of countries with a low level of media credibility. 
"The data from Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine indicate a continuing lack of journalistic independence in most countries of the former Soviet Union. This indicates that raising standards of freedom of information is taking place with great difficulty," the study says.
DONi News Agency