onsdag 7. juni 2017

Ukrainian media exposed today's AFU attacks in advance - wider escalation planned?

The Ukrainian media revealed Kiev's aggressive military plans of the Ukrainian forces in advance. Today on Wednesday the situation has turned alarming on the frontline in the Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), but information from the latest escalation, naming specific locations, which have been under attack, were reported in the Ukrainian media already on yesterday on Tuesday.

At that time yesterday the situation was still relatively calm in the LPR frontline, and LPR officials also denied Ukrainian claims. 

Since early Wednesday morning Ukrainian armed forces have been shelling and attacking LPR frontline positions and civilian localities, causing damages for about 50 houses by heavy artillery fire. At the same time in the LPR People's Militia's defensive positions, all breakthrough attempts of the Kiev forces has been foiled.
“It has just been confirmed that the third attempt of Ukrainian forces to break through our positions in the vicinity of Zhelobok has been foiled. We maintain our positions and we haven't moved back an inch," said LPR People's Militia spokesman Andrey Marochko today on Wednesday afternoon.
"Units of the People's Militia hold positions, not allowing the enemy to move forward, while the enemy bears losses, as a result of the attempt to breakthrough, the enemy suffered losses of up to 10 people," Marochko said.

Several localities near the Zhelobok village have been shelled since Wednesday morning with heavy artillery: Over 20 buildings have been damaged in the settlement of Donetsky and 27 buildings have been damaged in the city of Kirovsk. Also Stakhanov and Frunze townships have been under Ukrainian shelling, all of these mostly with 122 mm artillery, causing also some civilian casualties.

Preknowledge on the escalation in the Ukrainian media - part of wider military planning?

What is notable, a day earlier the LPR People's Militia informed in their daily defense situation report, that
"the Ukrainian media continue to disseminate false information about the AFU units pushing forward in the direction of Zhelobok and Frunze settlements. It is also reported about taking control of a section of the Bakhmut route."
"It should be noted that these statements are preceded by active shelling by the AFU at the specified terrain, which resulted in the so-called victorious advancement. We remember very well such illusory victories since 2015: a shameful runaway of the AFU from Debaltsevo settlement", said the LPR People's Militia spokesman Andrey Marochko on Tuesday.
"Once again, I officially declare that Ukrainian units are still in their positions and their location has not changed since January 2015," he said.
It is clear that the Ukrainian media had specific knowledge on the Ukrainian military plans. Maybe the revelation of such information in the media a day too early was just a mistake by the Ukrainian war propaganda producers, but what we can conclude from such preknowledge is, that today's alarming escalation in the situation belongs to the Ukrainian military plans and decisions on aggressions are not taken by some local commanders, but in the headquarter of Kiev forces.

It should be noted, that along the frontline in Donbass, both in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, situation has been very tense for several days now and number of Ukrainian ceasefire violations have been at high levels, causing rising number of civilian and military losses. All of this is happening at the very moment when Minsk contact group is having meeting in Belarussia.

Growing danger of wide scale military escalation, because of constant Ukrainian military provocations in Donbass, is something that should be noted immediately by the international community and media.

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director
DONi News Agency