torsdag 8. juni 2017

Water supply line outside Yasinovataya suspended as Kiev forces shell area

Level 1 pumping station of the Yuzhno-Donbassky water duct is suspending operation because of shelling by Kiev forces, a Voda Donbassa state-owned water supply company representative reported on Thursday.
“We’re suspending operation today; people refuse to work due to incessant shelling,” he said. “We have to take away our equipment and mothball the company in order not to risk people’s lives.”
Ukrainian forces shelled the station throughout the night; at least eight hits have been recorded. Damage assessment is underway.

Shutting off this water duct will reduce the feed to Dokuchayevsk, the Voda Donbassa source said. The affected areas include a number of large Kiev-controlled towns in southwestern Donbass, including Mariupol, Volnovakha, Krasnoarmeisk, Selidovo, Dimitrov, Rodinskoye and many other localities.

On Wednesday evening, Ukrainian armed forces targeted Level 1 pumping station of the Yuzhno-Donbassky water duct outside Yasinovataya with 120mm mortars. Shelling of the area resumed by midnight.

The pumping station is located in the DPR-controlled territory in the vicinity of the 'grey zone' in Vasilyevka village area. It was last shelled on February 27 morning. Back then, three rounds hit the facility premises damaging walls of the administrative building.
DONi News Agency