mandag 17. juli 2017

British man sentenced to 5-years’ term for supporting Donbass Republics

British citizen Benjamin Stimson who joined Donbass defenders was jailed for a ‘terrorism offence.’
"According to the judge's decision, Stimson was sentenced to five years and four months in prison," a spokesman for the Royal Court of Manchester, in which Stimson's case was considered, was quoted as saying.
The defendant was found guilty of violating British anti-terrorism legislation. 
Earlier media reported that 41-year-old Stimson had spent in Donbass four months in 2015. In October 2015, he gave an interview to the BBC television and radio company, in which he said he was proud of what he had done.
Stimson hoped to obtain Russian citizenship and start a new life in Donbass.
"I'm not a terrorist, I'm not like these jihadists that go out to Syria," he stressed.
After the interview, Stimson returned to Manchester and was detained by the British authorities. He was charged with "intentions of committing acts of terrorism, being a member of a militant group opposing the government of Ukraine." Then the accusation of "intenting to commit a terrorist attack" was lifted.

DONi News Agency