søndag 30. juli 2017

NATO Secretary General calls on Europe to submit to US sanctions

Who did put money on him this time?

Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that Europe should stop complaining and support sanctions against Russia.

As Rasmussen wrote in an article for the Financial Times, this is the only way to stop the "cold war till there's nothing left" which Russia is allegedly waging against the West.

The NATO ex-secretary general also said that the war till there's nothing left is designed to exhaust the enemy and show whose nerves are firmer. According to Rasmussen, Russia is now allegedly conducting a "cold war" against the West and Moscow's tactics are to disrupt transatlantic unity, especially with regard to sanctions policy.
"A couple of weeks ago, I started to fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin would win in this war. If this happens, we will have tragic consequences," Rasmussen said.
Rasmussen also said that instead of undermining the effectiveness of sanctions, Europe should strengthen them.
"America and Europe have common goals in Eastern Europe - the establishment of security. One cannot sacrifice these goals for commercial interests," the former NATO Secretary General wrote.
We recall, on Thursday, the German government's government commissioner for co-operation with Russia, Gernot Erler, said that the sanctions planned by the US could cause damage, including the energy supply to Europe.

Notably, Brussels has already threatened Washington with retaliatory measures on sanctions.
DONi News Agency