søndag 23. juli 2017

Polish expert: Ukraine will cease to exist in 20 years

The state of Ukraine can cease to exist in 20 years. This was stated by the director of the strategy department of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute and the adviser to the companies of the Polish defense industry Andrzej Talaga.
"It is worthwhile to bear this in mind when entering into disputes with Ukraine, including historical ones. We do not speak with an equal partner, but with bedridden patient. For 20 years it may turn out that there is no one else to prove our moral correctness in the issue of the tragedy in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia," the expert said.
According to him, the United Nations placed Ukraine and Poland in a group of countries that are most threatened with depopulation. Like, in 30 years there will be only 32 million of the Poles. And the blame for everything is low birth rate - for one woman there are 1.3 children.
At the same time, Talaga expressed confidence that Poland, unlike Ukraine, would be able to take care of itself, because the country's economy is developing rapidly and in a few years it may well be able to catch up with the richest countries in the world.
"Both countries have a very low birth rate. However, between our countries there are also many differences not in favour of Ukraine. And the consequences of depopulation in the countries will be completely different," the analyst said, noting that Ukrainians, who are now massively leaving for work abroad,  would save Poland from the demographic crisis. Now there are 1.2 million in the country, and under favourable conditions they can stay there forever.
Talaga stressed that the visa-free regime, which Ukrainians are so happy about, in fact, could ruin them. The greater the outflow of Ukraine's population to the EU countries, the more likely the depopulation of the country is.
"300 years ago, most of the territory of present-day Ukraine was uninhabited steppes. Nobody knows if it will be the same in the future. Do not slam Ukraine, because it is already barely alive. Not today or tomorrow, but in the end, it can become deserted, with a ruined economy and no strength for survival," the analyst stated.
DONi News Agency