tirsdag 18. juli 2017

Poroshenko denies idea of Malorossiya

President of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko after the statements of the DPR authorities on the creation of Malorossia reported that "Ukraine will restore sovereignty over Donbass and the Crimea."
"The project Malorossia was buried, Ukraine will restore sovereignty over Donbass and the Crimea," Poroshenko was quoted by his press secretary Svyatoslav Tsegolko on Twitter.
On Tuesday, the Head of the DPP, Alexander Zakharchenko, proposed to create a new state Malorossia for a transitional period of up to 3 years. Vice-Premier of the  DPR, the Minister of Inland Revenue, Alexander Timofeyev, said that the constitution of Malorossiya would fix the non-aligned status and set the course for the restoration of ties with the Russian Federation. Malorossiya will take a course toward joining the common state of Russia and Belarus.
DONi News Agency