lørdag 8. juli 2017

Russia expert Stephen Cohen explains why Trump-Putin meeting was a huge win for the world (Video)

What should people take away from the first Trump-Putin formal meeting?
Tucker Carlson avoided the typical propaganda demonization of Putin that 99% of the mainstream media immediately started to dispense after US President Trump meet with the Russian President in Hamburg during the G20 summit.

Because one of the positive outcomes of the meeting between to the two leaders was a ceasefire in Syria, Assad was also conveniently lumped into the mainstream media demonization blitz as well.
Luckily Carlson brought in a real Russia expert, Professor Stephen Cohen to discuss the real outcomes and future expectations of the meeting between the two leaders.

The video is worth watching in full to get a clear and honest view of what is at stake…and why a US-Russia alliance, especially in Syria, and especially in fighting terrorism, is a big win for all sides.
Cohen notes that, with regard to Syria and the agreed ceasefire…
“He [Assad] has been the protector of the Jews, of the Christians, and of the non-jihadist islamic population in Syria.
At a time when the main threat there, the Islamic State (ISIS), chops off the heads of these people. It would seem to me that we should stick with Assad until we defeat these people.”
Cohen closes the segment by noting that Trump and Putin have now formed a political partnership, and now it goes forward, but the “positive” partnership “will be viciously attacked [by the media], and already is if you look at the press over here.”