torsdag 27. juli 2017

Russia looks into its citizen’s removal from domestic US flight

Delta Airlines kicks a passenger, a Russian living 22 years in the USA, from a domestic flight because he had "invaded Crimea" (being a Russian, he was considered an invader).
Imagine this was an Israeli kicked out of a plane for occupying Palestine, there would be hell to pay

Russia's embassy in the US
Russia's embassy in the US  ©  EPA/SHAWN THEW 
WASHINGTON, July 26. /TASS/. Russian embassy in Washington is probing into the circumstances of an incident involving Delta Air Lines, which removed a Russian citizen from a domestic American flight following a complaint from an American passenger that the Russian man was an invader into Crimea.

The embassy reported the incident in Facebook, quoting Delta’s customer, Andrei Yeryomin.

"Got kicked out from the plane Delta airlines!!!! Seattle Atlanta. Despite the fact of having platinum membership with the sky team alliance," Yeryomin wrote in his message quoted by the embassy. "Flight 1588. For being Russian citizen. Not kidding."

"Passenger next to me refused to fly with me because according to him I was an occupant of Crimea as well as other Russian citizens. WTF."

According to Yeryomin, Delta Air Lines "supported his (the complainer’s) case. "As a result (I) had to take another flight much later. Funtime idiots."

"God bless America," he wrote in conclusion. "Time to go home after 22 years of living here lol."

"We’re probing into this (Razbirayemsya)," the embassy wrote in Russian in a single-word response to the situation. It then added in English, "Delta, any comments?".