tirsdag 4. juli 2017

Terrorist attack organized by Ukrainian special services prevented in Donetsk

The special services of the Donetsk People's Republic today prevented a terrorist act organized by Ukrainian saboteurs. This was stated by the Vice-Commander of the Republican Operational Command, Eduard Basurin.
"Today, thanks to the vigilance of our citizens, a terrorist act of Ukrainian special services has been prevented in the city of Donetsk. At 9 o'clock in the morning local residents found a bomb with remote control on the street of Shchorsa in the residential sector, near the Food College. At the moment, the explosive device was defused," said the Vice-Commander.
Presumably, the explosive device was go off today in the morning. Basurin noted that the terrorist attack has been planned to be executed on the eve of the Minsk talks on July 5 and on the eve of the meeting of the G20 leaders.
"According to our reconnaissance, this is not the only terrorist attack planned by Ukrainian intelligence services on the eve of the G20 meeting. We have confirmation that the Ukrainian authorities are instructed to conduct bloody provocations in the period until July 9, including on the territories controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces that have the goal of discrediting the leadership of the DPR," he pointed out.
DONi News Agency