søndag 30. juli 2017

The Russian Air Force destroy an entire ISIL tanker convoy in east Hama

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:00 P.M.) – The Russian Air Force destroyed an entire Islamic State (ISIL) tanker convoy this week near the strategic town of ‘Uqayrbat in the eastern countryside of Hama.

Video footage released by the Syrian Free Press showed the Russian aircraft zeroing in on the ISIL convoy and then destroying all twelve trucks that were located along the road to the terrorist group’s stronghold.

With the Syrian Army’s upcoming offensive in this area, the Syrian and Russian air forces have stepped up their airstrikes east of Salamiyah in order to weaken the terrorist group’s resolve.

In fact, the Syrian Air Force destroyed an entire ISIL unit that was traveling through east Salamiyah, killing at least 18 militants from the terrorist group.