torsdag 27. juli 2017

Trump's Neocon Envoy: Russia Has More Tanks in Ukraine Than There Are in Entire Western Europe

So then where are the photos?
Kurt Vogel, Trump's new "diplomatic" envoy for the conflict in Ukraine:
"First off, Russia is already in Ukraine, they are already heavily armed," he said. "There are more Russian tanks in there than [tanks] in Western Europe combined. It is a large, large military presence."
More Russian tank crews in Donbass than Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands have combined? Ok, then it should be exceedingly easy to provide a single photo showing a Russian tank in eastern Ukraine.

Where is it?

Or did Vogel mean Russia has thousands of invisible tanks in Ukraine?

Fred Johs:
Is it not high time anyone is telling these American clowns how the world is connected?
The only threat to both Ukraine and the world by the way comes from the terrorist state of the United States.
The day when the United States stops making a hell around the world, we all get peace.