mandag 3. juli 2017

Ukranian Nazi arrested in Italy for murder of journalist in Donbass

A suspect in the murder of the Italian press photographer Andrea Rocchelli, who along with his Russian interpreter perished in Donbass in 2014, was arrested in Italy, writes the Il Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The supposed offender was a young man of Italian-Ukrainian descent Markiv Vitaly, who, as the newspaper notes, arrived in Ukraine in 2013 to participate in "clashes on the Maidan." After that, he joined a volunteer battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard and set off to fight in Donbass.

In May 2014, outside the Slavyansk, in the village of Andreyevka, Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli and his interpreter, Russian citizen Andrei Mironov, were killed in a mortar shelling.

The Fort-Russ reports that after nearly three years of Italian investigations the deputy prosecutor of Pavia Andrea Zanoncelli and Mario Venditti are convinced that Rocchelli and Mironov did not die by mistake. It was a murder. The Italian reporter, who was filming a documentary about the events in Donbass, was killed intentionally.

A repeated bombardment with 40-60 mortar shots and lasted more than half an hour. The troops used machine guns against the taxi where Andrea Rocchelli, his Russian interpreter Andrei Mironov and French deputy William Roguelon were.

Then they focused specifically on the "hole" where the photographer and the interpreter found shelter. They made sure they were killed.
DONi News Agency