onsdag 2. august 2017

Zakharchenko about US arms to Ukraine: "Will not help, rather hurt them"

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic has commented on the Pentagon plan and US State Department’s wish to supply weapons to Ukraine.
"The proposal to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons can be viewed from different angles. From the military point of view, this step will not help Ukraine - it will rather hurt. We have already witnessed both the misuse of foreign military equipment and the facts of its sale, including even to us. Well, that we do not mind," said the Head of State.
However, from such "help" of the United States, in the opinion of the Head, still will be consequences.
"Such a step on the part of the United States can bring much more serious consequences in the political arena. The provision of lethal weapons by the US to the Ukrainian side will be perceived by Kiev as encouragement to aggression. And this is despite the fact that Kiev has been preparing for the resumption of full-scale military hostilities against us. And only its Western curators hold Kiev back.
While holding back. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Kiev simply didn’t and doesn’t have a peace plan to get out of the crisis. Kiev doesn’t even think about peace. On our proposals for a peaceful way out of the crisis, Kiev responds by building up aggressive rhetoric and aggravation on the front line.
The only plan that wanders in the Ukrainian nationalists’ inflamed heads is the "reintegration of Donbass", which is equal, without a gap, to the genocide against the Donbass people. After all, in this "reintegration" plan there is not a word about dialogue or consideration of the interests of those who stated their own position in 2014 that doesn’t coincide with the plans of the Maidan,” stated Alexander Zakharchenko.
Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko
Official translation by DONi News Agency