onsdag 13. desember 2017

Two civilians wounded in DPR, more than 30 houses damaged in Ukrainian shelling [Video]

As the year is ending, the Ukrainian army is shelling more and more the residential areas, targeting civilians and infrastructures. Yesterday, during daytime, the AFU shelled with IFVs and other weapons the village of Dokuchaevsk, thus damaging more than 30 houses, and injuring two civilians.
Almost all the houses affected, were located in two areas in the North of the locality (see picture below).

One of the houses, located in the Rabochnaya street, was completely crossed by a BMP ammunition, which get through a first wall, a door, and finally stopped in the second wall, just near the sofa where the woman living here is frequently sitting or sleeping.

Hopefully the woman was not in the divan when the shelling occurred, which saved her. The ammunition was still visible on site. The path of the ammunition through the house clearly indicates an origin on the positions of the Ukrainian army located at the West of Dokuchaevsk.

The civilians we interviewed told us that the OSCE did not come to record the damages and facts of shelling of the locality. More than 30 houses damaged and obvious proofs of the origin of the shelling. What does the OSCE need in addition to do its job?

Correspondent: Christelle Néant, DONi DOnbass International Press Center
DONi News Agency