mandag 11. desember 2017

U.S. soldier dies in Lviv, probably from heart attack

An American soldier on temporary duty at the Yavoriv combat training center has suddenly died (presumably from a heart attack) in Lviv, Lviv Regional Administration's civil defense department has said.

"Lviv's emergency center received a message at 11:28 on December 10, 2017, that a 21-year-old American soldier had died on Lemkivska Street presumably from a heart attack. The soldier was on temporary duty to the Yavoriv training center," the message said.

The department said the man had died before emergency medical workers arrived on the scene. The corpse was taken to the region's medical forensic morgue.

Fred Johs:
And maybe the terror state USA can explain why there's soldiers are in Lviv - (the Nazi capital) where all their kids are in nazi summercamps learning to shoot, and that have theirs streets named after german nazis?
It's bad enough that the terrorstate USA did finance and orchestered the Maidan in capital city Kyiv and the following well planed state coup with McCain standing in the windows from the US Embassy together with the Embassador looking at the shooting and smiling...

Just hope that many more american nazi supporters end up in bags too.