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Ukraine War: 2 injured & 12 homes hit by artillery. DPR's Eduard Basurin gives press conference

Last night artillery Rang out across the Ukraine War Frontline. At least 2 civilians were injured when 12 homes and a hospital were damaged by shelling. DPR's Eduard Basurin (official rep of the anti Ukraine Government or "Rebel" forces) Gives a press conference about the situation.
As Dtube does not support SRT subtitles the Eng transcription is below.

Donetsk People's Republic press statement.

"The situation in the Donetsk People's Republic remains tense.

In the Donetsk direction, in areas of SEVEN settlements, enemy released THIRTY THREE mortar shells 120 and 82 mm caliber, and shoot from various types of grenade launchers and small arms.

In the Mariupol direction, in areas of three settlements, the AFU units launched THIRTY TWO mines 120 and 82 mm caliber and continued shelling with grenade launchers and small arms.

On Gorlovka direction, in areas of six settlements, enemy launched, FORTY THREE artillery shells 152 and 122 mmcaliber, ONE HUNDRED THIRTY NINE mines 120 and 82 mm caliber, and shoot from grenade launchers and small arms.

Totally THIRTY THREE violations of the cease-fire regime by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were recorded in the past day.

Yesterday we witnessed night provocation prepared by Ukrainian maniacs, whose victims, unfortunately, were civilians on both sides of the conflict.

Over last evening and night punishers from 54th and 128th Brigades of the AFU conducted targeted bombardments of peaceful quarters of DOLOMITE, GOLMOVSKY and ZAYTSEVO settlements from artillery.

Orders for the use of assigned artillery over civilian settlements of our Republic were given by the commander of the 54th Separate mechanized brigade Maistrenko A.S. and commander of 128th Separate mountain-infantry brigade. The commander of the 128th Separate mountain-infantry brigade Artillery Group is the Derevianko A.I. - he was the one who gave gun crews orders to open fire.

As a result of these war crimes, FOURTEEN houses and gas pipe were damaged in the village GOLMOVSKY as well as TWO houses and gas pipe in GORLOVKA.

But it's nothing, in comparison with the fact that two civilians of our Republic were injured - Seliverstova Y.A. born in 1996 and Kulyuk G.Z. born in 1957.

At the same time, there are all signs that this bombardment is a pre-planned operation and provocation.

Here are some of them:
  1. By justifying the artillery strike against peaceful settlements of our Republic, the headquarters of the so-called ATO is trying to make shelling from the MLRS "Grad" village NOVOLUGANSKOYE, allegedly, from the territory of GORLOVKA.
    At the same time, the residents of GORLOVKA, didn't saw the fire, but refute, saying that no so-called "Outgoing" shots of the MLRS from this settlement were heard.
  2. Literally a few minutes after the shells were laid down in the center of NOVOLUGANSKOYE, the social networks of Ukrainian propagandists became full of messages, accusing DPR Army in strikes, and indicating the allegedly exact direction from which the bombardment was conducted.
    On the basis of these "credible" reports, the headquarters of the so-called ATO makes an urgent statement, which also accuses us of using the MLRS.
    It is immediately evident that this operation was prepared in advance and in the information plan. But at the same time, the virtual residents of the village. NOVOLUGANSKAYA and GORLOVKA, and in reality - full-time officers of 72th Information and Psychology Operations Warfare Center of the AFU, sitting in warm chairs somewhere in KRAMATORSK area, slightly overdone - some reports of the fall of the MLRS projectiles appeared more than 5 minutes before a real fall .
  3. During the past days we also repeatedly reported that units of the rocket artillery from the 128th Separate mountain-infantry brigade Artillery Group were redeployed to the area of the village. DZERZHINSK, NOVGORODSKOYE, and ZELENOPOLYE, and also drew the attention of the OSCE SMM to the fact that the MLRS of 128th brigade could be used and called on international observers to increase their vigilance to prevent the Ukrainian side from rude violation of the Minsk agreements. However, the OSCE SMM did not respond in time to incoming signals.
  4. According to some "strange" accident, two commissions came to the zone of 54th and 128th brigades responsibility yesterday: one from the headquarters of the so-called ATO, and second is commission of NATO member countries representatives.
    According to our intelligence, the overall coordination of actions in this operation was carried out by the arriving Ukrainian and foreign military advisers.
  5. It is important to note that the operation of this operation unexpectedly coincided with the time when servicemen of the Russian Federation from the JCCC were leaving our Republic. More precisely, it had to be conducted already after the departure of Russian officers, but due to inconsistency in the headquarters of the so-called ATO, transport for departure was not submitted on time. And as a result, the provocation failed - JCCC, being in full force, recorded the shelling of our settlements.
    Roman Gnatyuk
  6. At the ATO press center photos of shells and pieces there is no MLRS shells remnants. And clearly visible fragments of thermobaric grenades for rocket launchers, which Ukrainian provocateurs used to shell houses and burn them.
    The range of flight of these grenades does not allow to fire from our positions, which are at a distance more than two-three kilometers from the destroyed buildings. It can be clearly seen that the shelling from the RPG was led by the Ukrainian forces, who are in Novolugansk, that is, the 24th Aidar battalion, covered by the MLRS of 128th Separate mountain-infantry brigade which fired at the outskirts of the settlement.
    We hope that OSCE observers will be able to understand this complicated matter and they will not be able to deceive them. When conducting an investigation, we are ready to cooperate with the OSCE representatives to identify the true culprits.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the Ukrainian side continues to do everything to ensure that all attempts by our republic and the world community to stop this conflict through diplomatic channels and negotiations will fail.

Having created unbearable conditions for Russian officers in the JCCC, and in every way preventing them from fulfilling their duties to monitor the cease-fire, Ukraine created conditions for provocation. They refuse to work with representatives of our Republic at the JCCC in Ukraine.

The pressure on the OSCE CMM by the Ukrainian side also affects the work of this international organization. Representatives of the mission refuse to record violations by the AFU, which leads to such terrible consequences and shellings.

We appeal to all representatives of the world community! An attempt to unleash another round of bloodshed by Ukraine will only bring more casualties and destruction, but it will not solve the original problem of this war! Moreover, it will force us, in order to protect our peaceful citizens, to proceed to the attack!"

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