tirsdag 10. april 2018

There was NO Chemical attack in Douma




The Russian military went to the area where the chemical attack was said to have happened and filmed what they found.

They found no bodies, no casualties and no evidence of a chemical attack at all. Even though terrorists claimed they were attacked with Sarin and placed a 250kg Sarin bomb on a bed to prove it, you can see that people are walking around with no affects from the nerve gas.

Local residents in Douma, did not witness or even hear about a chemical attack.

As we have learnt from the alleged nerve gas attack in Salisbury that the policeman who was first on scene was also contaminated and investigators wearing hazmat suits.

There is no evidence except a film made by the White Helmets showing the same actors they have made in all their films. If it was a real attack these children would be in the hospitals.

But once the terrorist group made a deal with the government to leave, all these actors left with them. Even the actors feigning death.

Are people really that stupid to believe these FAKE films in the first place? They don’t even look real and not even good actors. The use the same actors over and over again, but people are so stupid to notice. Donald Trump and Theresa May fit into this category and are showing the public just how stupid they are.

So stupid that they will start a nuclear war with there stupidity. Why are people not on the streets demonstrating about this. If there is a nuclear war it is the people that will get killed, not the leaders, who have a nuclear bunker to go to with all mod cons. They don’t care about their citizens, they only care about themselves. They are playing with your lives, not their own.

Enough is enough of all the excuses  and lies to go to war. Donald Trump’s actions will not just affect Americans, but the whole planet. The world has to watch while this stupid man plays war games with all our lives.