torsdag 17. mai 2018

Patrick John Lancaster sitt bilde.

Patrick John Lancaster

Reportedly one civilian killed just hours ago by Ukraine shelling in Golmovsky and Ukraine forces just minutes ago fire BM-21 GRAD ROCKETs on the area of Yasinovataya.

Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) members of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) have reported

"Today at 19:30 the Ukrainian Armed Forces has fired 10 shells of 122 mm calibre from the direction of the settlement Magdalenovka to the settlement Golmovsky. 

A woman, Voronenko E. was killed in the settlement Golmovsky as a result of the shelling.
Information is being clarified. © DPR in JCCC and in the negotiation process." 

"a civilian from the settlement Golmovsky in Gorlovka district Voronenko E. (born in 1983) lived on Hospital st., 2 was killed today as a result of the fire from the AFU side
She was at the dam of a local pond during the shelling"


"20:00 the Ukrainian Armed Forces opened a fire in the direction of the settlement Yasinovataya. The area of the Donetsk filter station came under attack. 10 mines of 82 mm calibre were released.

At 21:05 the AFU launched 40 MLRS BM-21 "Grad" rockets on the Filter Station area. "

You will never find this in the MSM, they just block this information. This is why I translate it and show you. This information needs to be seen

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