fredag 11. mai 2018

VIDEO of Israeli rocket hitting Syrian SA-22 aerial defense system
VIDEO of Israeli rocket hitting Syrian SA-22 aerial defense system
Fred Johs:

A small detail to keep in mind.

The Golan Heights is Syrian territory occupied by the apartheid state IsraHell for decades. This means that Syria has the right to get it back by any means.

It also means that the apartheid state of IsraHell has no right under any International Convention, the UN keep it or to use the right to defend itself. The right to defend oneself does not extend to occupied territory.

RT Published time: 11 May, 2018
Israel's military has released a video showing a strike on an SA-22 aerial interception system. The battery was hit to prevent it from firing at Israeli jets amid a large-scale attack on alleged Iranian military sites in Syria. 
Less than a day after Thursday's strikes, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released a video apparently filmed from a camera on a rocket. It is seen approaching the SA22 weapon system from the air before the rocket appears to hit a target.

Israel launched a barrage of rockets and sent an armada of 28 jets to Syria to strike Iranian targets on Thursday. Tel Aviv claims the overnight operation, one of the largest in years, came in retaliation to an earlier Iranian Quds Forces attack against IDF positions on the Golan Heights.

Tehran condemned the attack, with Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi saying that terrorists only benefit from it. He called it a "blatant violation of Syria's sovereignty."