lørdag 28. juli 2018

Russian jets launch powerful retaliatory attack against ISIS in southwest Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – The Russian Aerospace Forces launched a massive retaliatory assault against the Islamic State (ISIS) after the latter carried out deadly terrorist attack that killed nearly 200 people in Al-Sweida.

The Russian jets hammered the Islamic State forces in the Yarmouk Basin region, inflicting heavy damage on the terrorist group’s dens and trenches around southwest Daraa.

According to a military source in Daraa, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched over 25 airstrikes since the Islamic State terrorist attack in Al-Sweida, with most of these strikes targeting the northwestern corridor of the Yarmouk Basin region.

While the Russian Aerospace Forces hit the Islamic State from the air, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been striking the terrorist group from the ground.

The Syrian Army is reportedly attempting to advance around the strategic Jaleen area in a bid to liberate more towns from the Islamic State affiliated Jaysh Khaled bin Walid forces.
Furthermore, the Syrian Army has already liberated several areas in the northwestern corridor of the Yarmouk Basin region, including the key town of Saida.

With several areas already lost in southern Al-Quneitra, the Islamic State is likely to retreat further south in the coming hours, as the Syrian Arab Army and their allies continue their large-scale advance in the Yarmouk Basin region.

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