mandag 21. november 2016

CNN in a Panic Over Assad Success, Collapse of ‘White Helmets’ Narrative, Fumbling Over ‘Humanitarian Organizations’

By Brandon Turbeville
CNN is in full panic mode with the recent resumption of the Syrian government assault on terrorist-held East Aleppo. The discredited “news” agency is now reduced to rehashing tired and disproven propaganda against the Syrian government and claims that “Assad is killing his own people” by bombing head-chopping terrorists in East Aleppo.

You have to hand it to CNN for consistency at least. Cutting edge propaganda, however, is not the corporation’s strong suit, since every time it has tried to deliver a major blow, it has resulted in an epic fail…

RECYCLED IMAGE: Yesterday, CNN used this recycled, staged image to sell its story, allegedly from a hospital in Aleppo used across US media last month.

[Watch CNN reporter Will Ripley’s propaganda video here, complete with staged imagery from the US, NATO Member-funded White Helmets and Aleppo Media Centre regime change NGOs]

This time, the propaganda of choice is the same tired line that every bomb (excuse me, every “barrel bomb”) being dropped on East Aleppo has been dropped intentionally on top of civilians for the purpose of killing them all because . . . . well, that part has never been explained. But, for the average CNN reader, just know that Assad is a “bad guy” and that the “rebels” who demand veiled, silent, women and full adherence to Sharia law under pain of death are “good guys” and democracy-loving freedom fighters.

“The regime’s siege of rebel-held neighborhoods has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe as food, water and medical supplies run low,” says CNN.

Obviously, the humanitarian conditions in East Aleppo have nothing to do with savages and pre-historic bearded freaks running rampant and demanding that their ridiculous interpretation (or should I say “Saudi” interpretation) of their religion be enforced by the blade of a dull knife. 

It couldn’t be because the terrorists have prevented aid from reaching civilians and have actively prevented civilians from leaving East Aleppo to flee to the (*gasp!!) government-held areas. It couldn’t be because of the Western sanctions on Syria. It couldn’t be because the United States and its treacherous allies funded a proxy army of extremists to destroy the country.

No, it’s because the Syrian military dared bomb foreign terrorists in East Aleppo. CNN uses interesting logic, indeed.

The article laughably uses the notorious terrorist support group known as the White Helmets as its source relaying all the “horrors” of the Assad “regime.” This has been typical of the corporate press in the West ever since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, i.e. using terrorist organizations to cite claims against the Syrian government. 
Generally speaking, these terrorists are labeled “activists” when a quote is needed but, in the case of the White Helmets, the label of “humanitarian organization” is tossed around, a much more effective propaganda technique.

But what is even more deceitful is that CNN also labels the White Helmets and the Syria Civil Defense as the same organization, an absolute fallacy as Vanessa Beeley, the individual who is probably most responsible for exposing this propagandistic terrorist organization, can personally attest to, having met with members of the real Syria Civil Defense in Syria and hearing their stories about the terrorism of the White Helmets. 

Beeley has also interviewed a doctor with the Aleppo Medical Association who was responsible for assessing East Aleppo refugees who stated clearly that, despite being widely popular in the U.S., the people in East Aleppo simply don’t know who the White Helmets are. For them, White Helmets are just another terrorist group.

None of this matters to CNN, however, since the corporation is nothing but a mouthpiece for the U.S. State Department, Wall Street, and international corporations. It is, in fact, nothing more than a propaganda site.

Perhaps CNN was one of the “fake news” sites that Obama was whining about during his latest trip to Germany . .