søndag 20. november 2016

No invitation: Poroshenko mocked because he won't go to Trump's inauguration

The users of social networks began mocking the so-called president of Ukraine, that he won't be present at an inauguration of the elected U.S. President Donald Trump. 

Earlier "Vesti" reported that Poroshenko was left without an invitation to be present at inauguration which will pass on January 20, 2017. 
According to the ambassador of Ukraine in the USA, Valery Chaly, who is quoted by the UNIAN, in the USA the leaders of other countries don't take part in such ceremonies. "These ceremonies are held as a rule at ambassador level who are present there" — added Chaly.

Earlier Valery Chaly declared that he would work on organizing of a visit of the Ukrainian leader to Washington in February, 2017.

Meanwhile, in social networks the users began joking that the USA isn’t interested in contacts with the Ukrainian president.
"… Now Tsegolko (the press secretary of the president of Ukraine) shall declare that the president is preoccupied with the questions of Europe protection from the Russian invasion therefore Poroshenko doesn’t have time to visit parties in the countries beyond the European Union …" — the journalist Denis Gorokhovsky writes.
"Not for the first time. He was not let in through the door, he will get into through the window frame!" — the user Andrey Nemakov comments.
DONi News Agency