fredag 9. desember 2016

Obama Says ‘Absolutely’ He Has Been The Victim Of Racism In Office

Obama will soon leave the White House for good with a legacy of failure. What little he did accomplish, as shitty as it was, will be instantly erased by Donald Trump. With nothing left to remember him by, the outgoing president is grasping at straws for a legacy, even if it is pathetic. He apparently has decided he wants history to remember him as a victim of racism.

CNN ran a special on Wednesday night called “The Legacy of Barack Obama.” The two-hour program struggled to point out anything positive Obama had accomplished in 8 years, which is kind of sad considering CNN is a liberal Obama-friendly propaganda source. Interspersed between segments of Obama’s nothingness were clips from an interview between the president and Fareed Zacharia.

Eventually the topic came around to race. Zacharia asked Obama if he felt opposition to his presidency was based on racism. Interestingly enough, Obama didn’t blame Republican obstructionism like he normally does, but rather pointed the finger of racism at the American people.

”I think there’s a reason attitudes about my presidency among whites in northern states are very different from whites in southern states,” said Obama.

Wow, so the President of the United States just called all white people in the South racists because they don’t like him. It couldn’t possibly be because he has been a shitty president who has been more interested in crazy social issues than important things like the economy and national security, right?

It actually gets worse as Obama says anyone who ever questioned his citizenship is a racist. These are two connected thoughts from the president, so he seems to be saying that Southern whites are racist for believing he was born outside of the US.

“Are there folks whose primary concern about me has been that I seem foreign ― the other? Are those who champion the birther movement feeding off of bias?” asked Obama rhetorically, answering, “Absolutely.”

Why exactly is it, or was it, racist for people to question Obama’s country of origin? Because he’s black? This has never made sense to me. Liberals questioned whether or not Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a natural born US citizen and that wasn’t considered racist. Cruz may not be black, but he is Latino. Shouldn’t that be just as racist as the Obama “birther” questions?

Liberals have also questioned the immigration status of First Lady-elect Melania Trump, who is a white woman. Obviously, going after a person’s country of birth is not something that is exclusively used against black people. So again, how is it racist for people to think that Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia?

The answer is because Obama wants you to feel sorry for him. He wants you to believe his failed presidency was because racism thwarted his efforts to do good things, not because of his sheer incompetence, lack of qualifications, and piss-poor effort. This is the legacy he wants to leave behind; a black man who tried but couldn’t get anything done due to a racist society.

Looking at that another way: the first black president of the United States, who was elected by the American people twice, says America is too racist. That may be the biggest turd Obama has ever dropped and his presidency has been one bowel movement after the other.