torsdag 16. februar 2017

Frontline Report: Facing the Ukrainian Nazi Troops in Zaitsevo, DPR

This is the front position in the Zaitsevo locality, Donetsk People's Republic, and the enemy is beyond this line, says the war correspondent Daniil Bogdan. 

"The enemy conducts the sniper fire, and as the journalists came to place, Ukrainians were stepping up the fire. It can be explained by the units’ rotation and that the new shift is more aggressive," he continued from the trenches.
"There is a mortar battery right there and the air assault company. All of them are the nationalists. They are all nationalists in the Gorlovka direction. There are no Ukrainian forces here, only “Azov”, “Donbass”, “Dnepr” – all the nationalists," said call sign “Zelezny”, the unit’s Commander. 
"They are 300 meters far from here, well, maybe closer, 250 meters. When they are coming out, we can see them. We can hear them yelling at night," said one of the Donbass defenders in DPR People's Militia.
- How often do the fights take place?
"All the time. Zaitsevo direction is the hottest spot," said commander Zelezny.

DONi News Agency
Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 16.2.2017