tirsdag 28. februar 2017

German activists launch petition for world leaders to save Donbass

German activists headed by Thomas Clauss have launched an online petition to world leaders asking them to stop Kiev's atrocities against Donbass people. The text of the Joint appeal of the Chairmen of the DPR and LPR People’s Councils to Russian, US and German leaders served as the source and aspiration for creating a German-language Internet petition calling on caring Europeans to show support of Donbass residents suffering from unbearable conditions and risking life due to the Ukrainian aggression. 

The DPR and LPR citizens sincerely hope that their appeal on the cessation of the Donbass people genocide by the Ukrainian forces and on the so-called 'ATO' termination will be heard, once supported by conscious population of the western countries.

Reportedly, on February 2 the Donbass Republics launched collection of residents’ signatures in support of the the Appeal to world leaders. Now time has come for concerned citizens of Europe to speak in support of Donbass people.

The online petition is available by this link.  

DONi News Agency