mandag 27. februar 2017

New updates & strategies in my journalism covering the resurgence of the Ukraine War. 
Journalism on the escalation of the Ukraine War.
Patrick Lancaster

I am a independent video journalist, from St. Louis MO USA, I have been working in Donetsk, & throughout Donbass in DPR/LPR controlled territorry covering the Ukraine war since April 2014. 

There is no other western journalist that has spent more time on the ground reporting in Donbass then me. 

This week there has been a huge increase in the fighting and shelling of civilian areas in Donetsk, With this increase in activity come a huge increase in my reporting, and inturn a huge increase in my expenses both on the job and the cost of living. 

I pledge to bring you breaking news as it happens, uncensored near daily throughout this escalation and beyond  . 

Please help me make my goal. This will help me with day to day expenses, updating my equipment and my family and I staying safe.

Indiegogo no longer takes Paypal so to Donate via paypal please send to

Together we will show the world the truth of what is happening in Donbass