søndag 19. mars 2017

About 78 % of Ukrainian citizens support Donbass separation [Video]

The ombudsman of the Donetsk People's Republic, Daria Morozova, told in the interview about recent poll in Ukraine, which has revealed, that majority of Ukrainians are willing "to let Donbass go", so that the needless war can be ended. 

"Three years ago the Ukrainian side forgot about one of the most beautiful rights of the Ukrainian population – the freedom of speech. I would like to underline that for three years no one was punished on our part for expressing their support to the DPR, Ukraine, Russia or even America," Morozova said.

"It doesn’t matter! It is the right of every person – to have its own opinion, point of view etc. The Ukrainian side cannot control the influx of people," she continued. 
"Recently, the social questioning was held in Ukraine, and the question was as follows: Are you ready to let Donbass go so the war was over? Do you know how many people responded that they are ready to let Donbass go? 78%," said the ombudsman. 
"The Ukrainian citizens just want to let Donbass go in order to finish this needless war.  Well, needless for everyone apart from the Ukrainian government, obviously," she added.
See the full translated interview in the video.

DONi News Agency
Video: DPR Ministry of Information, 03/18/2017