fredag 3. mars 2017

DPR Head announces Republic’s TV and radio expansion to Ukraine

The Republic’s television and radio channels' broadcasting has expanded coverage to several Ukrainian regions starting from today. The DPR Head gave the order to switch on the new transmission unit during the press conference. 
“The TV bridge will show the work of our Communication Ministry that provided a good signal to the DPR territory, and the territory of the Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Khersons regions in a live broadcast,” he said. 
During the press conference, the DPR Minister of Communication Victor Yatsenko established a video connection with the agency’s experts who were on the site of the new transmission unit’s operation. At Zakharchenko’s command, the transmission unit was turned on. 
“It is time to start the process. Starting from today our television and radio programs are to be broadcasted in Kherson territory and the territory of all the above-mentioned cities,” said Zakharchenko.
DONi News Agency