fredag 31. mars 2017

SBU Colonel, fond of torturing civilians, blown up in Mariupol

In Mariupol, a car exploded in which was Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine, Alexander Kharaberyush. According to the SBU Head Vasily Gritsak, the perished person was the Vice-Commander of the chief counterintelligence department under the Donetsk Security Service Office.

The explosion took place at 8:35 am in the central district of ​​Mariupol at the junction of Metallurgov Avenue and Kaffaiskaya Street. Police, explosive ordnance disposal team, rescuers and forensics are working on the site. The area was cordoned off.

Ukrainian ‘authorities’ do not exclude that the SBU Colonel was killed in a terrorist attack.
Another opinion was stated by the ex-head of the DPR MGB Andrei Pinchuk. According to him, the SBU Colonel Alexander Kharaberyush, who was blown up in Mariupol’s city-centre in his private car, rather paid for torturing, bullying and extorting money from local residents, accused by Ukrainian special services of sympathizing with Russia or Donbass Republics.
The name of the killed Colonel was earlier mentioned in Pinchuk's memoirs, in which the DPR MGB ex-head called Kharaberyush the curator of sophisticated tortures of the supporters of Russia and LPR, DPR, which began in Mariupol as early as 2014, when the city was seized by Ukrainian troops.
DONi News Agency