søndag 19. mars 2017

Ukraine's issue taken off from agenda of IMF Board of Directors because of Donbass blockade

The Board of Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) postponed discussion of the anti-crisis programme of Ukraine because of the official Kiev's decision on the trade blockade of the Donbass's territories beyond its control. This opinion was expressed on Sunday by an economic expert Andrey Blinov.
"Disappearance of the Ukrainian issue from the agenda of the IMF's Board of Directors is a reaction to the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine on the complete blockade, abandonment of trade with the territories of Donbass," Blinov said.
The expert explained that against the backdrop of Kiev's decision to blockade, it is obvious the IMF believes that Ukraine should recount its macroeconomic indicators in connection with potential budget losses.
"This (blockade – Ed.) leads to a sharp deterioration in the macroeconomic forecast due to loss of budget revenues, loss of certain figures on the balance of payments," he said.
In this regard, Blinov predicts, Ukraine would have to rewrite the previously agreed upon memorandum on cooperation with the IMF and do not expect to receive a tranche from the Fund this week.
DONi News Agency