torsdag 30. mars 2017

Washington Sponsored State of “Great Kurdistan” To Be Created in Syria And Iraq
By Inside Syria Media Center
March 27, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - 
 "Inside Syria Media Center " has obtained proofs of plans to create a state of Great Kurdistan.

Map of Great Kurdistan
  Fred Johs:
""Let me get this straight.
The people of Crimea had no right to self-determination, but the Kurds can be ''granted'' territory by the United States of SYRIA?
How does the US have the right to grant land in another country?" Are they GOD?

According to the documents at our disposal, the U.S. authorities and the Syrian Kurds reached an agreement past week on the boundaries of the Kurdish autonomy in the territory of Syria, which had been guaranteed to Kurds in case of capturing Raqqa and Al-Tabqah (34 miles to the West of Raqqa). This confirms the reports about the U.S. plans to divide Syria.

In addition, Washington has already defined the boundaries of the new state of the Great Kurdistan on the territory of Syria and Iraq. It is to be created after ISIS defeat and the final collapse of Syrian Arab Republic. According to the U.S. military, Kurds remain the only force capable of defeating ISIS.

In order to strengthen its positions the new U.S. administration announced the upcoming liberation of the so-called ISIS capital, Raqqa. To grease the wheels the Americans resorted to money, their weapon of choice. They bribe ISIS field commanders and increase payments to YPG and FSA units.

The U.S. government intends to capture Raqqa by April and to eliminate ISIS in Syria and Iraq this summer. The implementation of these plans requires making concessions to Kurds. This is why the U.S. promises them an independent state in case of victory.