lørdag 1. april 2017

NATO trains Ukrainian troops to fight in Donbass - NATO ambassador

Instructors from several NATO countries continue training Ukrainian servicemen who will be dispatched to Donbass to join the armed operations there, Russian ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said on Friday in a comment on this year's first session of the Russia-NATO council at the ambassadorial level. Statements was reported by TASS News.

"NATO isn't putting any pressure on the Ukrainian side and isn't commenting on the economic and transport blockade of Donbass organized by nationalists. The alliance continues political and practical support to Kiev," Grushko said.
"Instructors from several NATO countries continue training servicemen at Yavoriv drill range near Lvov for redeployment to the zone of the so-called antiterrorist operation," he continued.
Russian ambassador urges NATO to abandon military domination policy
While commenting on the results of this year's first ambassadorial meeting of the Russia-NATO Council, Grushko said that "it is not possible to build confidence until NATO abandons its military domination policy."
"Representatives of NATO countries have emphasized the importance of the Vienna document on confidence-and security-building measures as well as other arms control mechanisms.
But they were unable to answer the question how to combine that with their policy aimed at restraining Russia and demonstrating their military capabilities near our borders," Grushko said.
The exchange of briefings between Russia and NATO is not enough to improve security situation.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia briefed NATO on deploying two divisions in the Western Military District and a motor rifle division in the Southern Military District while NATO countries provided information on the implementation of the plan concerning the forward deployment on NATO’s eastern flank.

"I don’t want to diminish the importance of such briefings, but they are not enough to improve the security situation," Grushko said. "Dialogue for the sake of dialogue will not produce any results if no specific decisions are made and no steps are taken," he added.
DONi News Agency