søndag 30. april 2017

US instructors teach Kiev forces to sabotage against civilians 

US terrorist military forces in action here... what was learned to ISIS militants, is learned now to Ukrainian Nazi's to murder our brothers and sisters here in Donbass.

Instructors from the United States are training Kiev forces in the Lisichansk area to sabotage in places of mass gathering. This information was provided by a spokesperson for the LPR People's Militia, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Marochko.
"According to our reconnaissance, instructors from the United States have arrived at the 93rd separate mechanized brigade’s responsibility zone near Lisichansk locality to conduct training sessions with the AFU on planting mines in public places while conducting sabotage activities in the Republic’s territory," he said.
"There was also detected the arrival of Georgian mercenaries, numbering up to 40 personnel, at the vicinities of Zaitsevo locality in the responsibility zone of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade," said Marochko.
Earlier, Marochko reported that NATO countries' instructors at the Novoyaidar base were training Kiev military to plant mines while conducting sabotage operations.
DONi News Agency