mandag 8. mai 2017

Zakharchenko: Ukraine behind explosions near ‘Saur Mogila’ [VIDEO]

Several explosions, roadside explosives placed in the road to Donetsk national holiday event. Transcript from the comments, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko on Monday in the Saur Mogila. Video by Katya Katerina.

Zakharchenko: I would like to congratulate all of you on the upcoming May 9. It’s a great day for all of us; it is the day of our victory, of our freedom, so my congratulations. Do you have any questions?
- Alexander Vladimirovich, what is that in your hands?

Zakharchenko: These are presents for the May 9 that we were given today. 6 explosives detonated, those were filled with these things, one we managed to neutralize and two more failed to explode.

- I believe the Republic expected that Kiev would act that way?

Zakharchenko: Yes, and we are ready for such things every day. But, hopefully, soon we won’t have to wait for such things to happen, the victory will be ours.

- Have you tightened security for tomorrow?

Zakharchenko: I have. Of course we tightened security for tomorrow, more questions?
- And at what time did it happen?

Zakharchenko: Five hours ago, just before the curve of the road on the way here.

- Alexander Vladimirovich, there are talks on Facebook that some unknown weapon was applied against the Ukrainian army in Gorlovka, is that true? 

Zakharchenko: Well, you know that we met aliens in 2014 and they gave us their technologies. Let the Facebook talk, it is ridiculous.

- Thank you.

Zakharchenko: Thank you, my congratulations once again.

DONi News Agency