søndag 4. juni 2017

It celebrates children globally. ... 

The International Day for Protection of Children is observed in many countries as Children's Day on 1 June. 

In that day, unbounded Donbass commemorate its angels killed by Kiev Junta and by those silent ones who divided children in the World by “the right ones” and “not right ones”. 

Despite official peace truce agreement, Ukrainian army continued shelling Donbass in that day too shooting at the lanterns released by mourning people into the sky; the same day 14 years old girl was raped and savagely killed in the settlement being under control of Ukrainian army. 

In that day the children of Paris, London, Berlin and Washington, where the desire to rob Ukraine came from and make out of it the bridgehead for color revolutions in Russia, lived in peace and calmness. 

Why their fathers and mothers who work in the state media should think about some children in Donbass? 

That is why the Ukrainian Army and its - hands in blood -Father Poroshenko continue to feel themselves quite cozy in the role of “liberator” of Ukraine from “terrorists”. 

This is where the disgusting insolence of Ukrainian soldiers come from. 
Ukraine probably need to drown in feces up to its throat to get that desire to clean up itself from the external vaccination and recollect finally - mother of God swings in her arms all children of the World without exception.

On the photo, you can see Sasha Smirnov killed by Ukrainian army (2011 – 2015) together with his father during shelling
Angelina Siard sitt bilde.