søndag 18. juni 2017

LPR teachers develop Ukrainian language, literature textbooks

LPR teachers developed Ukrainian language and literature textbooks for 5th grade and literature textbooks for 3rd and 4th grades at school, the LPR Education Research Centre Director Oksana Kolesnikova stated on Thursday.
“The authors of these textbooks are leading Ukrainian language and literature teachers while the reviewers are senior academic staff at LPR high education institutions,” said Kolesnikova.
“The beautiful melodious Ukrainian language has been gradually turning into a language of politics and nationalism for the past two decades. Our goal was to create a textbook restoring the beauty and melodiousness of this language for our schoolchildren,” she said.
The textbooks were developed following the LPR leader’s orders to provide quality literature for education.

The LPR budget allocated money to print these textbooks for all schoolchildren in the Republic. According to the Centre's director, the textbooks have already been distributed among schools.
DONi News Agency