søndag 18. juni 2017

Ukrainian military shell LPR checkpoint, car destroyed [VIDEO]

''We are in the Schastye bridge direction on the LPR People’s Militia positions.The situation here is quite tense during three days already, our positions are regularly shelled with the prohibited weapons, namely 82 and 120 mm calibres mortars,'' said Andrey Marochko, the LPR People’s Militia Official Representative. 

''As you can see, the direction of the shrapnel expansion proves that the shell was launched from the Ukrainian positions.I would like to underline that these positions were not shelled for over a year, and people got used to the calm and quiet, there are some country houses  nearby where the civilian people live.

 Apart from it, all the infrastructure was restored, the traffic was renewed, thus, the civilian cars and ambulances, for example from Oboznoye locality, drive the local roads.

 Apart from it is important to emphasize that senior citizens, families, who’s houses were destroyed and people who come here in summer for farming live in this country side cottages.
The results of the shelling you can observe here and over there, I will show you later.

All the shelling facts are recorded and I believe that the OSCE SMM and other International monitors will give an adequate evaluation to the Ukrainian side’s actions.

I would like to show you another hit, here’s the tail of the mortar round. The direction from where the shell was launched is quite visible, so the Ukrainian Media won’t be able to distribute false information that we shell ourselves.''
DONi News Agency 
Video: LPR People's Militia